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Manage, Optimise & Scale Your Deliveries

A cloud-based delivery platform, providing route optimisation & real time tracking for the business & the end customer.

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Moving the delivery landscape forward, fast. Here’s how.

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About us

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It’s a continual loop

Our story began with a problem that needed solving.
So, we solved it, writing our first algorithm. While trialing and researching it, we noticed lots of other challenges in the delivery space, like lack of visibility, communication and performance tracking.

So, we designed our first platform that solved all these issues. Making life simpler and happier for the three key players in the supply chain: the business, the driver and the customer.

24/7. 360°

loop delivery platform

How we keep your business, your driver and your customer in the Loop

Every aspect of our offering is designed to help you and your team over-deliver every time. 

From managing demand to monitoring supply, our game-changing, 360° fulfilment-smart platform enables your business to capitalise on opportunities, evolve with the ever-changing times and embrace digitisation rather than be intimidated by it. From algorthims to branding, we customise a fulfilment solution to fit your business and its unique needs.

Need more convincing?

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We cut time, not corners, in a number of ways.


average increase in delivery volume


reduction in km's driven


reduction in time spent with customers


clients served per month


saved per week per planner

Making the fulfillment solutions of the future possible today.

Plus you’re in good company with Loop

loop delivery platform


loop delivery platform

This is why we do what we do!