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What to Look for in an On-Demand Delivery App

What to Look for in an On-Demand Delivery App

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4 Things to Look for in an On-Demand Delivery App

What to Look for in an On-Demand Delivery App

The on-demand delivery landscape has taken over modern delivery processes. Consumers want their goods almost instantaneously and they are choosing reliable businesses that prioritise speedy and effective delivery processes to get orders fast. When searching for the best on-demand delivery app for your business, there are several important factors to consider.

Things to Consider When Choosing an On-Demand Delivery App

Before investing in an on-demand delivery app, consider the following features to ensure that you are getting the most out of this dynamic technology.

  • Route Optimisation: On-demand delivery apps work best when they offer drivers real-time navigation. This allows them to find the best routes in terms of traffic, road delays, distance, and time. Route optimisation can save drivers many hours each day and enable them to get more orders in each hour. This scales up operations and means that more clients get served every day.
  • Customer Interface: It’s essential that an on-demand delivery app has a user-friendly customer interface. This should allow customers to track orders and access quick and easy communication where needed. Apps should also have a customer support section in the unlikely event that there is an issue. Communication is key when it comes to delivering satisfying results and retaining clientele.
  • Manager Platform and Driver Tracking: The ability to track drivers and vehicles is one of the best advantages of on-demand delivery apps. Managers can see drivers in real-time, ensuring that all fleet vehicles are achieving their daily order targets. Furthermore, managers can identify specific driver-related issues, such as speeding, failed deliveries, and strange routes, and handle them before they cause financial problems and customer frustration.
  • Data and Analytics: Successful on-demand delivery apps track driver and delivery metrics, offering valuable insight into order success and the ability of specific drivers. This allows operational managers to track what is working and rectify issues that need to be solved. On-demand delivery apps give managers a bird’s-eye view of all delivery operations, enhancing transparency and problem-solving in logistics organisations.

When you choose a platform like Loop, your company will enjoy several incredible benefits. At a glance, these include:

  • 30% increase in the volume of deliveries
  • 20% fewer kilometres driven and less fuel used
  • 50% less time spent with customers thanks to live ETAs
  • X2 customers served every month
  • 5 hours saved every week per planner

Loop offers all these features and then some. It is an effective all-in-one solution for logistics companies, food-delivery businesses, couriers, and any other enterprise that wants to deliver goods to customers in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.

Explore Loop and Revolutionise Your Delivery Landscape

If you are ready to stay in the loop with every delivery and up your delivery game, it’s time to try out our innovative on-demand delivery app. Book a free demo with our team and we will show you what our app has achieved to date. When you join the Loop family, you will be in great company, with the likes of Nando’s and Checkers Sixty60. Chat with our team for more insight into how Loop can ramp up your deliveries.