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Intelligence informs insights which informs greater intelligence and more solutions.

About us

loop delivery platform

It’s a continual loop

Our story began with a problem that needed solving. So, we solved it, writing our first algorithm. While trialing and researching it, we noticed lots of other challenges in the delivery space, like lack of visibility, communication and performance tracking. So, we designed our first platform that solved all these issues. Making life simpler and happier for the three key players in the supply chain: the business, the driver and the customer.

The result is an intelligent system that learns as it goes and builds back insights into the application so it keeps on evolving – becoming ever better and smarter. Today, we continue to solve problems as we support and travel alongside our partners on their business journeys.

Top brands trust us because we understand their pain points, frustrations, and concerns by thoughtfully addressing their requirements. With their future in mind, we take the time to get to know every aspect of what they do and how they do it. This personal, intelligent and result-driven approach enables us to provide a plan of action which aligns with their goals – turning first-time meetings into long-term partnerships.

Company history

about us, our history, loop

cowa-bunga launched and Domino’s Pizza came onboard as the first client of cowa-bunga

about us, our history, loop delivery platform
about us, our history, loop

Lightstone invested in cowa-bunga

about us, our history, loop
about us, our history, loop

cowa-bunga won MTN enterprise app of the year award

loop delivery platform clients
about us, our history, loop

cowa-bunga powers over a million deliveries a month in 4 different countries around the world

loop delivery platform clients
loop delivery platform clients
about us, our history, loop

cowa-bunga changes it’s name to Loop and new and improved technology is developed to enhance your delivery experience for the business, the driver and the customer

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loop delivery platform clients
about us, our history, loop

Loop launches Logistics Platform while continuing to scale in the On-Demand space. Loop wins the Grindstone Top Performing Company Award.

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About us

Meet the Team

Behind every part of our 360° fulfilment platform is a person with a heart for fulfilling your hopes and dreams for your business. Behind every data-driven, AI-enabled supply chain interface is a person you can trust to look after your business as if it were their own. Two things underpin whatever our job title and job description is: customer satisfaction and exceptional customer experience.

If it’s a pressing issue for you, it’s a pressing issue for us.


loop delivery platform

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The growth of www.loop.co.za

The Rise and Growth of www.loop.co.za At loop.co.za, we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to changes in the delivery sector and constantly develop our software

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