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Why Every Courier Company Needs Delivery Tracking Software

Why Every Courier Company Needs Delivery Tracking Software

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In our fast-paced, digital age, delivery tracking software is not simply a nice-to-have option for courier companies; it is an irreplaceable necessity. As of 2022, the global courier market was worth 363.8 billion dollars, and these numbers are set to grow as people enjoy the ease and value of goods being delivered to their door. Since it is such a competitive market, delivery tracking software is paramount to success. Going without it leaves the competitors leaps and bounds ahead, meaning you miss out on speedy deliveries, transparent customer communication, optimal time savings, and streamlined delivery success. Luckily for you, Loop can save the day with its world-class route optimisation software. Here’s what to expect when you choose Loop:

Epic time savings: Since Loop uses real-time data and tracking software to plot routes, it can save drivers and clients a considerable amount of time. The app will consider unexpected road closures or accidents and curate the day’s deliveries into a strategic and optimised route. This allows drivers to get to their destination in the quickest possible time, enabling them to handle more deliveries per day. In turn, this boosts client satisfaction by ensuring they get their deliveries fast.

Keeping businesses and clients in the loop: Tracking software offers businesses and clients the ability to track their orders in real-time. No longer are clients sitting at home, twiddling their thumbs, and waiting for the driver to call. Customers can see where the driver is on the user interface, thus allowing them to get on with their day and know the exact arrival times. Moreover, this feature offers delivery managers the benefit of tracking their fleet.

Cost savings: One of the significant benefits of automated delivery software is the monetary savings element. Not only cab Loop save drivers on time, which, of course, equates to money as they can manage more deliveries a day, but our smart route planning will also save on kilometres driven. With those painful petrol hikes, this feature can save courier companies a lot of money on fuel and essentially allow them to get more bang for their buck. Added to this, reduced kilometres can also cut down on the general wear and tear of the fleet, resulting in further cost savings from a vehicle service perspective.

Close the Loop Today!

In the competitive courier world, delivery tracking software is an absolute must, allowing each party on the delivery chain to optimise results and easily track orders. If you are ready to optimise routes and stay in the loop with all your deliveries, it is time to choose our data-driven software. Loop cuts costs, reduces delivery time, and allows you to mitigate re-delivery rates. For more information on this innovative and intelligent software solution, book a free demo today. We will show you the ins and outs of our tracking software, highlighting how the platform benefits businesses, drivers, and clients alike. This results in a stress-free process from the moment the package leaves the depot to the instant it reaches the client’s door.

Optimise your delivery network with us! When you choose Loop, tomorrow’s problems will be sorted out today.