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Why Your Business Needs Route Optimisation Software

Why Your Business Needs Route Optimisation Software

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Much like many technological advances, the origins of route optimisation software can be traced back hundreds of years. It all began with a mathematical problem known as “The Seven Bridges Konigsberg”. The problem tasked mathematicians with the challenge of devising a specialised route whereby an individual would travel through the entire Russian city, only crossing each of the seven bridges once. Many mathematicians sought to solve the challenging puzzle, fervently wracking their brains to find the most optimal solution.

Eventually, in 1735, Swiss-born mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler solved it. He devised a journey that best optimised the geographical location and allowed the traveller to cross the city by using each bridge only once. This branch of mathematics is known as topology and, by using it, Euler was able to exercise an early example of journey optimisation. Fast-forward a couple of hundred years, and this theory has revolutionised route planning software, allowing for more efficient and effective delivery services.

Happily, in today’s world, we can optimise routes in a matter of seconds, rather than having to collectively pick the greatest mathematical brains of the city. When you choose Loop’s innovative software platform, your delivery journeys will be plotted in real-time, offering drivers the most efficient way to get to their destination. Moreover, when routes are optimised, great monetary and time savings can be enjoyed.

So, How Does It Work?

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Loop is a delivery optimisation application offering support for businesses, drivers, and clients. The software plots and plans the most efficient delivery routes by using real-time data and analytics, allowing drivers to reach their destinations on time. These features build client trust by offering an effortless delivery service and allowing drivers and companies to get the most out of their day. The three facets of Loop include:

  • Management console for the business: This tool allows businesses to monitor their clients, fleets, routes, and orders, all in real-time. This keeps business on top of every operation, offering enhanced peace of mind and keeping business owners in the loop.
  • Driver app for the drivers: The driver interface uses real-time analytics to plot the best route for drivers, taking into account traffic, accidents, and roadworks. The turn-by-turn navigation feature plots the fastest route, saving drivers petrol and time. This optimisation feature can win drivers up to 1.5 hours a day, resulting in fantastic time and money savings throughout the year.
  • Customer tracking page for the client: Lastly, the customer tracking page offers your customers ETA updates and driver location. This allows clients to track the progress of their delivery and plan their day accordingly. When clients feel like their needs are being considered and are kept up to date, satisfaction is naturally enhanced.

Chat with our delivery optimisation experts if you want your business to benefit from our optimisation software and turn every delivery into a 5-star experience. Loop saves you money and time, resulting in a boost in productivity and customer satisfaction. Keep customers, drivers, and operation teams in the loop when you work with us. Book a demo to find out more.