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Delivery Intelligence with Loop Delivery Management Software

Delivery Intelligence with Loop Delivery Management Software

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Delivery management software takes the stress and hassle out of delivering goods. From large-scale logistics companies managing multiple orders a day to smaller-scale distributors who want to include efficient delivery into their service offerings, delivery management software can streamline the delivery process and deliver impressive results.

Whether you are looking to improve customer communication, optimise operations, track and analyse driver data, or focus on scaling up your business, Loop is the software solution you have been looking for.

Exploring the Intelligent Features of Delivery Management Software

When you choose Loop’s comprehensive delivery management software, you will enjoy several intelligent features, including:

  • Order and Driver Visibility: Managers can track drivers and gain real-time visibility thanks to the app updating them on driver status every 125 meters. Keep a close eye on your fleet and ensure that all deliveries are going to plan. Searching for specific drivers is made even easier with text searches and filters.
  • Auto-Assign: Thanks to automated order clustering and special driver selection services, specific orders are assigned to particular trips and drivers. Enable or disable this feature as you need it for ultimate convenience.
  • Order, Status, and Trip-Management Solutions: Operational managers can manually intervene whenever necessary. Whether you need to cancel orders, update delivery status, terminate a trip, or reset an order, Loop’s intelligent systems enable you to quickly and effectively do it all.
  • Driver App: Drivers can access a comprehensive app that enhances the delivery experience. Top smart features include route optimisation, one-click navigation, special calling features, SOS distress alerts, trip and order reporting, payment wallets, and automated statuses.
  • Client Interface: The client interface ensures that customers are always in the Loop. The app facilitates this process by sending real-time updates and map visibility of their driver. This results in seamless, stress-free delivery since clients can track exactly when their order will arrive. Furthermore, Loop saves time by reducing time spent between drivers and customers. This all works towards bolstering client satisfaction and building a loyal and engaged customer base.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Perhaps one of the best perks of more intelligent systems is the fact that you can access comprehensive data about delivery operations and use this information to optimise the process. Track essential metrics like driver efficiency and on-time delivery rates, and use the information to identify problems, see what is working, and make data-driven decisions.

Intelligent features enhance the efficiency of logistics companies, allowing them to access the best routes, track deliveries in real-time, optimise dispatching processes, enhance client satisfaction, and scale up operations.

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If you are ready to explore just how beneficial intelligent systems can be for your logistics or courier company, chat with us and book a free demo with our team. We’ll show you the analytical stuff, highlighting what the app has achieved to date, and reveal how smart systems and delivery management software can save your company money and time, all while accelerating profit. Chat with us today and find a solution that suits your business and its unique needs.