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Difference between Delivery Route Optimisation and Route Planning

Difference between Delivery Route Optimisation and Route Planning

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Understanding the Difference between Delivery Route Optimisation and Route Planning and How They Work Together

Understanding the Difference between Delivery Route Optimisation and Route Planning and How They Work Together

In our on-demand delivery world, efficient, streamlined deliveries are critical for success. Modern consumers want their goods almost instantaneously and logistics companies must contend with hundreds, if not thousands, of orders every day. A big concern for couriers is how to optimise their routes so that they can get more done each hour. Happily, delivery route optimisation and planning software like Loop can save the day. Before we delve into how it streamlines deliveries, it’s important to consider both route optimisation and route planning and how they can improve deliveries.

Delivery Route Optimisation and Delivery Route Planning 

Delivery route optimisation and route planning are both integral components within the delivery landscape, and both are needed to maximise capabilities and productivity. Simply put, route planning generally occurs before optimisation and is about plotting out the different locations a delivery driver needs to visit and creating an ideal route. Optimisation, on the other hand, entails a little more finesse and is about arranging all the stops in a specific way to save time and money and enhance the overall productivity of the entire delivery operation. Happily, Loop does both.

With delivery route planning, things like delivery locations, traffic jams, toll gates, and road closures are considered to determine the best route, and optimisation takes it a step further. Route optimisation works alongside planning technology, using data-backed insights to streamline the entire process, from plotting the exact route right through to communicating with all the necessary stakeholders so that everyone is on the same page. Both planning and optimisation save huge amounts of time, reducing the need for visual or manual route planning.

They also reduce the unfair or unbalanced allocation of parcels to a single vehicle, ensuring that drivers get manageable delivery amounts each day.

When it comes to Loop’s delivery route planning and optimisation software, sophisticated algorithms optimise every step of the process. Not only does Loop allow companies to successfully deliver their goods, but it also ensures that all stakeholders are happy while they’re doing it. Thanks to our management console, driver interface, and customer platform, everyone stays in the loop. 

The Advantages of Delivery Route Optimisation 

Loop’s delivery route optimisation and planning software has numerous benefits for logistics and courier companies, including:

  • Saving Time: Loop saves drivers huge amounts of time by using real-time data to plan the most effective routes. This enables drivers to manage more orders every day and ultimately results in businesses being able to scale operations as more customers are served. 
  • Major Cost Savings: Time is money in the business world and Loop allows you to get more done in less time. Since routes are optimised, drivers will access the shortest distances to get where they need to be. This significantly reduces fuel costs and saves companies vast amounts of money. Furthermore, since you’re able to serve more customers each day, more money comes in. 
  • Enhances Productivity: Delivery route optimisation and planning software boosts overall productivity, since drivers can do so much more in the same amount of time. Every hour becomes more efficient and successful with Loop in your corner. 

Luckily, Loop embraces both planning and optimisation technology for the most successful results. Ultimately, both planning and optimisation provide greater flexibility and insight to your logistics operations team.

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