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Delivery Route Planning for Time and Money Savings

Delivery Route Planning for Time and Money Savings

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The Loop Platform – Delivery Route Planning Made Easy

Loop’s cloud-based delivery route planning software revolutionises the delivery landscape by giving logistics companies data-driven insights and planning time-savvy routes. Delivery planning software takes the guesswork out of running a fleet, enabling drivers to access the best routes and achieve more deliveries each day.

The Loop Platform – Delivery Route Planning Made Easy

Loop works to optimise driving routes, provide real-time driver visibility, and enhance overall delivery efficiency and success. Let’s explore how this innovative technology can help your business to succeed. 

Why Choose Delivery Route Planning Technology?

On-demand deliveries have gained significant traction in recent years, forming an integral part of modern-day society. Big courier companies generally do thousands of deliveries every day and this requires a slick operation focussed on efficiency. By cutting down driving time and pre-planning the quickest routes, Loop offers organisations the following benefits:

  • Major Time Savings: Time savings equate to money savings. For example, if company A plans routes manually and company B uses technology to automate routes, company B will likely enjoy a higher return on investment. Since they have data on their side, decisions are made using facts. Company A will likely miss out on important data that informs them about delays, roadworks, closed roads, and driver performance. As such, they won’t be able to calculate routes with precision because they don’t have the information needed to do so. Over the days, weeks, and months, this could add up, costing the company a lot of wasted time. With Loop’s route-optimisation software, your time is always your own because the software plans the most time-savvy routes for all delivery locations. 
  • Money Savings: Loop saves companies a great deal of money and delivers tangible returns. When drivers get to delivery routes faster, they can get more deliveries done each hour and day. Imagine Company A and Company B both pay drivers R100 an hour and drivers work for a total of 8 hours every day. If Company B uses delivery route planning software, their drivers can handle more deliveries, making their hours worked more valuable. Company B drivers might manage six orders an hour, whereas Company A drivers might only manage three. This means that despite both companies paying drivers the same amount for the same time, Company B turns twice as much business as Company A every hour. Delivery route planning software thus saves businesses money by allowing drivers to handle more deliveries each day, reducing fuel costs, decreasing vehicle wear and tear, and generating repeat business thanks to satisfied customers.

It’s that simple when it comes to delivery route planning software. Loop plots the best routes, and in doing so, allows you to get more done every hour. With three interfaces for clients, managers, and drivers, everyone stays in the know at every point in the delivery chain. This results in clearer, faster, and more streamlined delivery operations. 

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If you’re ready to optimise your delivery routes, why not book an obligation-free demo? We’ll show you how Loop can transform your deliveries and highlight how real-time data insights can save your company vast amounts of money and time. When you work with our dedicated team and innovative software, you’ll experience incredible results. 

Here is how the Loop Delivery Route Planning platform works: