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Driver Tracking Software for Enhanced Driver Safety, and Fleet Success

Driver Tracking Software for Enhanced Driver Safety, and Fleet Success

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Driver Tracking Software Used for On-Demand Deliveries, Enhanced Driver Safety, and Fleet Success

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Loop is your one-stop shop for streamlined deliveries and top-notch fleet management. The Loop system offers a three-tier approach for managers, customers, and drivers, ensuring that all parties stay up-to-date with delivery ETAs. Our driver tracking software effortlessly allows companies to manage and optimise their deliveries and, in turn, enables them to scale their offerings and expand. With Loop, you can achieve more deliveries each hour, and as they say, money equals time!

Loop benefits every stakeholder within the delivery chain, namely the driver, the business, and the client. Unfortunately, driving can be a risky business, especially for newer drivers who may not be as familiar with the routes and might be more prone to accidents and violations than drivers with more experience. Happily, driver tracking software can solve any potential problems by monitoring driving in real-time and identifying any risky or problematic behaviours before they cause issues down the line. Driver tracking software sets the tone from the get-go by selecting the best routes for drivers and ensuring optimal driving quality.  

The Boundless Benefits of Loop’s Driver Tracking Software

Driving tracking software has so many incredible advantages for businesses, allowing them to streamline on-demand deliveries with ease. When you work with Loop’s live driver tracking software, your business will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Brilliant Fleet Management: Loop’s live driver tracking software is the fleet management solution you’ve been after. Keeping track of multiple vehicles travelling to numerous destinations can be stressful at best. Loop solves this by giving you real-time updates on driver locations. This feature permits you to monitor vehicles in real-time and keep an eye on delivery schedule targets. Since your customers can also track the delivery vehicle, they’re offered extra peace of mind and can plan their day accordingly.
  • Huge Cost Savings: Loop saves drivers time, and in turn, this saves your business money. It allows drivers to complete more on-demand deliveries each day, meaning that each paid hour amounts to more revenue. Loop also plots the most cost-effective routes in terms of distance and time, allowing you to achieve more significant cost savings on fuel and general vehicle wear and tear.
  • Less Misuse of Vehicles: Since you can keep an eye on each vehicle and monitor driver habits, vehicle misuse becomes a thing of the past. Loop enables managers to keep track of all vehicles on the road and ensure that drivers are working efficiently.
  • High Client Satisfaction: Loop’s all-in-one system ensures guaranteed client satisfaction. Thanks to GPS technology and real-time analytics, clients are always kept in the loop. They can track deliveries in real-time, ensuring that they never miss their order again. When clients are satisfied with 5-star service, they’ll naturally return for business, resulting in a loyal customer base.

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If you’re ready to explore how Loop’s innovative system can streamline deliveries and boost driver ability, book a demo with our team. We’ll introduce you to our world and showcase how Loop can facilitate deliveries and allow for greater success.