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Delivery Efficiency with the Loop Delivery Management System

Delivery Efficiency with the Loop Delivery Management System

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Increased Delivery Efficiency with the Loop Delivery Management System

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Delivery efficiency is critical for business success. Successful logistical or courier companies understand that effective delivery links intrinsically to organisational goals. This is why so many logistics companies utilise our innovative delivery management system. In this article, we’ll explore four ways that Loop can optimise the delivery landscape and help you achieve streamlined logistical results.

Optimise Delivery with Loop’s Delivery Management System

Effective delivery is all about accuracy, timing, and ease. Modern consumers want their goods, and they want them fast. In fact, a recent study by Statista found that a whopping 9% of clients expect same-day delivery, and a further 40% want next-day delivery. This means that logistics companies have their work cut out for them if they want to keep clients happy and beat the competition in the age of on-demand deliveries.

There are many obstacles preventing delivery companies from excelling in this endeavour; these include:

  • Manually planning routes (which takes copious amounts of time and is unfortunately prone to error)
  • Outdated technology that fails to utilise real-time data and analytics
  • A lack of delivery prioritisation (for example, delivering a huge bed just before business closes, which results in an inability to fit smaller packages onto the truck for the duration of the day)

Loop’s all-in-one integrated platform makes delivery management easy thanks to cloud-based route optimisation technology. We’ll plan the best routes, track drivers in real-time, and improve the delivery process so that your company can deliver 5-star results every time. With our delivery management platform, we’ll do the following:

  1. Plan the Best Routes: Thanks to GPS systems, we will plan the best routes every time. Loop takes into account each delivery and destination and plots the most time-efficient route. Loop also considers all possible hurdles and delays, considering heavy traffic, road works, and accidents. Thanks to real-time analytics, routes are updated as needed, and drivers get to their destination in the quickest possible time. 
  2. Track Drivers with Real-Time Analytics: Since Loop tracks the fleet on the go, the app offers businesses valuable information on driver habits and delivery targets. Over time, this gives you an insightful overview of driver productivity and allows you to tweak issues as they arise.
  3. Communicate Information to All Parties: Loop has three interfaces: drivers, management, and clients. The customer interface is especially useful as it allows customers to track their orders and plan their day around expected ETAs. No longer will clients have to wait for hours on end without knowing where their goods are. With Loop, they can track their order in real-time and enjoy world-class service.
  4. Offer Management a Comprehensive Overview of their Fleet: Managers are better able to handle multiple vehicles when they choose Loop. Our delivery management platform offers an in-depth overview of each vehicle on the road. This digital information is useful when exploring routes driven, kilometres clocked, and deliveries achieved.

Book a Free Demo If you are ready to explore how Loop’s delivery management system can boost productivity and sales, get in touch with our team and book a demo. We’ll show you the ropes.