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Explore the Loop Driver App

Explore the Loop Driver App

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Explore the Loop Driver App for Successful Deliveries Every Time!

Loop’s route-optimisation software streamlines the entire delivery process, ensuring that logistics companies, clients, and drivers experience a seamless delivery process from start to finish. The Loop driver app is a particularly important component of the platform, using data to determine the most efficient delivery routes. This helps drivers get to their destinations on time and reduces instances of failed delivery. It also has several time- and money-saving advantages, which enable companies to do more all the while using fewer resources. 

Explore the Loop Driver App for successful deliveries every time!

If you are ready to scale up your operations with intelligent solutions on your side, it is time to explore Loop’s innovative delivery-management platform and driver app. 

The Loop Driver App – Intelligent Insights and Solutions 

Loop has three main components, namely the management platform, the customer tracking page, and the driver page. The first two keep operational managers and clients in the know, ensuring that they can pinpoint exactly where drivers are and effortlessly track orders. The driver app works in conjunction with the other two features and plots the best routes for drivers according to their various deliveries for the day. 

The Loop driver app has several advantages. Firstly, it provides turn-by-turn navigation, helping drivers to reach every destination with zero hassle. If there are delays, roadworks, or other obstacles, the app will identify these and change the driver’s route accordingly. On average, this saves drivers 1.5 hours every day, enabling them to scale their operations and achieve more deliveries every day. 

The Benefits of the Loop Driver App

When you integrate the Loop driver app, you’ll experience these incredible time-saving and money-making advantages:

  • More Deliveries: Loop’s software can enhance delivery volume by 30%, meaning that you scale up your business and grow operations. 
  • Lower Fuel Costs: Loop can save drivers around 20% of kilometres driven by optimising the most fuel-savvy routes. This enables drivers to get more done using less fuel, which is a win-win in our books!
  • Quicker Deliveries: Since drivers and clients are always in the know and can access their own personal dashboards, Loop reduces time spent with customers by up to 50%. This results in huge time savings each day and week. 
  • Serve More Clients: Since drivers get more done every day, delivery companies can double their volume of clients. More clients equal more deliveries, which equals more return on investment. 
  • Time-Saving: By using the Loop driver app and platform, companies and specifically operational managers can save up to 5 hours a week in terms of planning and logistical management. 

Book a Free Demo

If you are ready to save time without cutting corners, book a free demo with our team. We will show you how each element of the software can support your organisation, resulting in quality deliveries, huge time and money savings, and incredibly happy clientele. 

For more information on our platform, reach out to our team and we will happily answer any questions you may have.