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Optimise Every Delivery with Loop’s Route Planning Software

Optimise Every Delivery with Loop’s Route Planning Software

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If you are in the logistics or courier industry, you’re probably well aware of how crucial efficient delivery route planning software is on the overall productivity and success of a business. When logistics are streamlined, and every element of the supply chain works effectively, companies enjoy several incredible benefits, including enhanced customer satisfaction, the conservation of resources, reduced driving time, and impressive cost savings.

So, why is smart route planning so essential, and what does it entail, you might wonder? Optimised planning is paramount if you run a busy courier company and deal with complex deliveries or high-priority goods (like fresh produce). Using real-time data and analytics, Loop manages every element of the delivery process, ensuring that all parties are on board and always kept in the loop. Our app has three essential elements, and these facets of the platform work for every stage of the supply chain, including management, drivers, and clients. Let’s break the process down and discuss each element in more detail.

The three components of Loop include:

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  • The management console: This part of the app allows businesses and courier agencies to monitor every element of the delivery process, including daily orders, active fleets, customer details, and successful deliveries. Since you are always in the loop with every aspect of the delivery, you can save an abundance of time and cut down on the number of call centre queries. This frees up space to focus on business growth and development and offers great peace of mind since every route is just a click away.
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  • The driver app: The driver app uses real-time data to ensure that every moment spent on the road is beneficial to drivers, clients, and the company. Thanks to the turn-by-turn navigation feature, drivers can avoid congestion or unforeseen problems on the road and get to their destination on time. The app takes the admin out of route planning by curating the perfect journey based on the particular day’s delivery destinations. As an added bonus, it works to plan the shortest routes available for each delivery, saving vehicles numerous kilometres and freeing up driver time so that they can achieve more deliveries per day.
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  • The customer tracking page: Loop enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring that clients are always kept up to date with every aspect of their delivery process. Since they can access information about the driver’s process, they can easily plan their day and avoid the stress of missed deliveries and lost drivers. This feature diminishes drivers’ time spent with clients, expediting the delivery and saving money and time. When customers feel satisfied with the delivery process and get their goods on time, overall satisfaction is enhanced.

So, Why Choose Loop?

Loop’s route planning software takes the hassle out of every logistical endeavour, streamlining logistical processes and ensuring five-star customer service every time. When you take the admin out of route planning, journeys are streamlined, and the advantages are unparalleled. Chat with our technicians today, and we will gladly organise a demo session. We’ll take care of the logistics, and you can focus on providing a first-class delivery experience.