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Loop Platform: Introducing Intelligence-Backed Delivery Insights

Loop Platform: Introducing Intelligence-Backed Delivery Insights

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Why the Loop Platform?

Loop Platform: Introducing Intelligence-Backed Delivery Insights

The Loop platform uses data-backed insights to deliver tangible results. Our delivery-optimisation software is ideal for courier or logistics companies wanting to scale up their operations and seamlessly manage their orders. If you’re ready to successfully manage, organise, and ramp up deliveries, the Loop platform is just what you need. Read on to learn how Loop’s intelligent system can optimise your delivery processes, deliver incredible results, and provide the business-building metrics you need to thrive in the on-demand landscape. 

Understanding the Loop Platform’s Key Features 

Loop’s on-demand delivery software has three main components, namely the manager console, the driver app, and the customer tracking page. All three work together, resulting in a seamless delivery process. Let’s delve into each in more detail below: 

  • The Management Console: Managing a large fleet of vehicles can be a stressful endeavour. It’s tricky keeping tabs on multiple vehicles as they drive around various parts of a city. Happily, this is where the management platform kicks in, giving managers access to real-time driver and order visibility. When managers gain access to data insights, they can determine how operations are going and fix any problems that arise. The manager console allows managers to access driver performance metrics, customer satisfaction rates and reviews, route-adherence data, and order success rates all from one centralised dashboard. Managers can also easily search for orders and specific drivers using our filter system, enabling them to keep track of everything on the ground with the simple click of a button. 
  • The Driver App: The driver app is an integral part of the Loop platform, ensuring that orders get from the depot to the client in the most time- and cost-efficient way. Drivers gain access to a range of innovative features that enhance their delivery efficiency, including turn-by-turn navigation, automated status updates, customisable call features, one-click navigation, SOS alerts, trip and order reporting, and payment wallets. This keeps drivers on the ball and enhances their experience. When drivers feel valued and in the know, they’ll naturally be an asset to the team. 
  • Customer Tracking Page: In the age of on-demand deliveries, it’s imperative to keep clients in the know and to get them their orders as speedily as possible. The customer page lets clients track their orders and see exactly where their delivery is in real-time. This optimises the whole delivery process, saving both customers and drivers a great deal of time. When customers enjoy a seamless delivery experience, they’ll likely become return clients. The Loop platform helps each delivery transform into a 5-star review. 

Book a Free Demo! 

Ready to revolutionise your deliveries? Book a free demo with our route-optimisation experts. We’ll show you all the exciting things we have achieved to date and highlight how the Loop platform can help you. When you work with us, you’ll be in great company with the likes of Nando’s, Checkers Sixty60, Yebo Fresh, and OneCart. Get in touch to learn more about the innovative platform that puts intelligence first.