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On-Demand Delivery Software: The Secret to Success

On-Demand Delivery Software: The Secret to Success

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On-Demand Delivery Software: The Secret to Success in the Modern Business World

On-Demand Delivery Software: The Secret Sauce to Success in the Modern Business World

Managing, optimising, and scaling deliveries can be a stressful undertaking for any logistics company. The art of effective delivery management is a balancing act of sorts, and operational managers need to successfully manage order collections, driver routes, daily delivery schedules, and client expectations. Happily, in the modern age, operational managers don’t have to do this manually. On-demand delivery software can streamline the delivery process optimally, ensuring that companies manage deliveries effectively and reach all their goals.  

Loop’s on-demand delivery software is a one-stop platform that manages every element of the delivery process. With real-time tracking of deliveries and effective route optimisation, drivers, managers, and clients are always in the know. Loop enhances driver efficiency by giving them the right tools and data needed to find the best routes. It also has three interfaces, so that every player in the delivery landscape stays in the know.

How Loop’s On-Demand Delivery Software Helps Drivers, Managers, and the End Consumer

Loop caters to every part of the delivery chain, ensuring that each order is smooth sailing. When you get your orders right, you’re able to maximise time and get more deliveries done each day. This results in huge money and time savings and ensures that the end customer stays happy. Since customers are so integral to the success of any business, happier customers are a key driver towards success. Loop has three parts. They are:

  1. The Management Console: This part of Loop allows operational or logistics managers to monitor active orders and active drivers. It essentially gives them an overview of everything that’s happening on the ground, helping them to track orders in real-time. This is ideal for managers who have to keep an eye on large fleets as it gives them accurate data from one centralised hub. On average, this system results in 30% more delivery volume, a 10% decrease in client queries, and 5 extra hours per week per planner.
  1. The Driver App: The driver app offers drivers everything they need to deliver orders effectively. This includes route optimisation and turn-by-turn navigation. On average, this innovative technology reduces kilometres driven by about 20% and saves drivers about 1.5 hours a day. By plotting smarter routes, Loop maximises time-to-money ratios, ensuring that you get more done each day. 
  1. The Customer Hub: Customers can track their delivery with ease with the Loop client tracking page. They can access clear ETAs and get important updates about drivers so that they can go on with their day stress-free. This feature can help companies to serve more clients each month and significantly reduce the time that drivers spend with clients. 

Loop also offers clear, real-time analytics so that businesses can stay on top of every element of their delivery landscape and address minor niggles before they become bigger problems.

Book a Demo!  If you’re ready to see how our on-demand delivery software can elevate your delivery game, get in touch with our team and book a demo. When you work with us, you will be in the company of some fantastic brands, including OneCart, The Courier Guy, Checkers Sixty60, and Yebo Fresh. Contact us today!