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Intelligence informs insights which informs greater intelligence and more solutions.

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over deliver, every time

Loop doesn’t do half measures! We’re about full visibility through real-time analytics > giving you, your team, your drivers, and your end customers what they want, when they need it. Our 360° fulfilment platform and forward-thinking digital innovation can help you make each and every moving part of your business smarter, faster and more efficient.

Management Console

loop delivery platform

Monitor and manage your customers, fleet, orders and routes in real-time, conveniently and accurately.  


average increase in delivery volume


decreased in call center queries

5 hrs

saved per week per planner

Driver App

loop delivery platform

Route planning, turn-by-turn-navigation, and driver’s payment wallet. Putting your business in the driver’s seat.


reduction in km’s driven

1.5 Hrs

saved per day on average with route optimization

Customer Tracking Page

loop delivery platform

Keeping your customers in the Loop with live driver location and ETA updates. Turning their delivery experience into a 5-star review.


double clients served per month


reduction in time spent with customers


reduction in time spent with customers

Data Analytics

loop delivery platform

Our live data dashboards deliver quick-to-interpret info, supplying your business with valuable business-building insights. 


What you don't measure you can't improve


96% accuracy prediction of orders per hours

loop delivery platform data analytics

Plus you’re in good company with Loop

loop delivery platform

Join the leading delivery companies, couriers and last mile delivery agents who are using Loop to,

optimize their delivery times, fast!


loop delivery platform

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