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Intelligence informs insights which informs greater intelligence and more solutions.

Management Console

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Monitor and manage your customers, fleet, orders and routes in real-time, conveniently and accurately.  


average increase in delivery volume

5 hrs

saved per week per planner

Driver App

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Route planning, turn-by-turn-navigation, and driver’s payment wallet. Putting your business in the driver’s seat.


reduction in km’s driven

1.5 Hrs

saved per day on average with route optimization

loop delivery platform

Our drivers app’s are only available once you become a client of Loop’s

Customer Tracking Page

loop delivery platform

Keeping your customers in the Loop with live driver location and ETA updates. Turning their delivery experience into a 5-star review.


clients served per month


reduction in time spent with customers


decrease in call center queries

Data Analytics

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Our live data dashboards deliver quick-to-interpret info, supplying your business with valuable business-building insights. 


What you don't measure you can't improve


96% accuracy prediction of orders per hours

loop delivery platform data analytics

Our Features

loop delivery platform


Over the past 6 years Loop has disrupted the on-demand space with impactful features to support delivery businesses and their drivers.

The Management Consoles provides real time order & driver visibility with location updates every 125 meters.

Find orders, drivers and statuses using text
searches and filters.

Orders can be automatically sent to the Management Console from your point of sale system, alternatively manual options are available such as importing orders using a CSV/.XSLX file.

Assigning orders to a trip and then to the best available driver has never been easier with our automated hands-free order clustering and driver selection services.

Auto-Assign services can be enable/disabled
by you for added control.

Various in app solutions to choose from to enforce delivery completion such as sign-on-glass, one-time-pin, QR code scanning & photo.

We understand that not all deliveries are successful so we ensure that accountability is easily monitored and managed by providing customisable features to suit your business requirements.

Loop empowers on-site operators by providing ways to manually intervene when necessary, such as the ability to cancel orders, remove drivers from trips, reset & duplicate orders, terminate an order or trip & update delivery statuses.

Gain valuable insights of your delivery
operations with comprehensive driver performance, route adherence, delivery monitoring, order metrics, customer ratings and exception reporting.

Our Data Analytics not only provide historical data but they also consist of predictive models allowing you to plan how many drivers you will need on any given day.

Effortless on-boarding with a dedicated account manager & support team.

Training centre with a comprehensive tutorial recordings & FAQ.

BetaBot is always available to help!

Driver’s have a plenty of features at their
disposal to enhance their delivery experience:

  • Route optimisation
  • Automated statuses
  • Customisable calling features: call branch,
  • Customer or one additional contact.
  • One click navigation
  • Go on Lunch
  • SOS distress alert
  • Push notifications with sound
  • Trip & order reporting
  • Order abandonment management
  • View trip earning with payment wallet

Driver’s can view what they will earn before accepting a trip.

Numerous payment setting scenarios to choose from.

Extensive reporting for the driver and delivery business.

Provides real-time driver visibility on a map to customers with regular ETA updates.

Customisable ratings page with valuable data analytics giving insights into delivery
performance from a customer perspective.

Ratings & tracking page can easily be integrated to your own platform.

The 3PL feature is designed for clients that make use of third-party logistics partners to facilitate their last mile delivery.

We understand that while our clients and their fleet would want to make use of the Loop Driver App, not all of their 3PL partners would be able to make use of our application.

This feature allows other companies to integrate to our platform, while still making use of another driver application to facilitate the last mile delivery.

Control when your drivers can receive trips and when statuses are permitted to change.

Our route optimisation service ensures that orders are optimised in the best sequence for delivery.

Our route optimisation service can also be used as a stand-alone feature should clients wish to plug it into their own in-house last mile delivery software.

Our APIs are documented and available for your use. Please book a demo with us to discuss further.

Integration Partner

loop delivery platform
Powered by

Loop has strategically partnered with Flowgear to seamlessly connect various software providers with our platform, making it easier than ever before to integrate our system into your current operations.

Can’t find your provider on this list? Contact us to find out if we have pre-built integrations that suit your needs.

Webhook Integration

loop delivery platform

Loop is able to provide continuous updates to your system through webhooks. Our clients are able to configure which webhooks they would like to consume Webhook Integration.

Task Events

Events can be sent for starting, arrival, completion, cancelling & abandoning. These events contain the driver, the driver’s location, the driver’s ETA and the order details.

POD Events

Events can be sent for when a driver completes an order. These events contain the driver & order details, as well as the details of the proof of delivery – An encoded image of the signature and the consignee details.

Trip Events

Events can be sent for starting, arriving & completing. These events contain the driver details and the order details.

Driver Location Update Events

Sent every 125m if the driver is moving, or every 10 minutes if the driver is stationery.