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Route Optimisation Software For Logistics & Couriers

Route Optimisation Software For Logistics & Couriers

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How Route Optimisation Software Streamlines the Delivery Process

Ask any customer what they want when it comes to delivery, and they’ll most likely say reliability and speed. When customers order something online, they ideally want to get it as soon as possible, and with minimal hassles and complications along the way. We’ve all been there, waiting for a delivery that we can’t wait to open (like that brand new fridge or latest iPhone), but the driver gets lost, or worse still, delayed for what feels like an eternity. We lose time while on the phone with the driver trying our best to direct them to our location. This is why route optimisation software is so effective. It streamlines the delivery process, ensuring that clients get their orders in a timely and reliable fashion and that drivers follow the most fuel- and time-efficient routes.

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Route optimisation software can optimise the delivery process in the following ways:

1. Plans numerous orders for the entire fleet: One of the best aspects of utilising an automated delivery route planner like Loop is its ability to plan numerous delivery journeys. This takes the admin and hassle out of having to manually plot various routes for your fleet and ensures that each driver’s route is accurately mapped with time and efficiency in mind. This streamlines the delivery process and means that all vehicles within your fleet are optimised.

2. Accurate ETA’S for customers: Customers can visit the customer platform and access real-time data, which lets them know where their driver is and offers updated delivery notifications when needed. This improves customer communication and ensures that customer service standards are adhered to through every aspect of the supply chain. Drivers can also utilise their own platform, which offers them turn-by-turn navigation, and effective route planning software to reduce kilometres driven and time spent on the road. When the application uses GPS mapping to track potential delays, drivers are equipped with the correct knowledge to get them to their destination as quickly as possible.

3. Saves money and time: When time is spared with optimisation software (via GPS mapping and route optimisation), money is naturally saved in terms of fuel costs and paying potential overtime to drivers. Saving time also allows drivers to complete more deliveries per day, thus boosting business and the delivery process. In fact, Loop can save drivers around 1.5 hours on the road each day, resulting in a whopping 7.5 hours per week and around 30 hours per month.

Explore the Multifaceted Optimisation Options with Loop’s Software

If you want to explore the wonders of delivery route optimisation software, chat with our expert team about the benefits of choosing Loop. Sign up for a demo tutorial on how our platform works, and we’ll share a brief history of how Loop started, a demonstration of our live data dashboards, and stats of what we have achieved so far. We look forward to working with you and ensuring that every delivery gets the golden seal of approval. Achieve reliability every time you work with Loop.

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