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The Future of Cloud-Based Delivery Software

The Future of Cloud-Based Delivery Software

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Cloud-Based Delivery Software

When it comes to delivery solutions, cloud-based software applications are the future. Sure, you can get out the map book and try and do it manually, but if you fail to adopt cloud-based delivery software, you’ll fall behind the pack in the very near future. In the online world, it is near impossible to have a fighting chance without jumping onboard that digital train. Cloud-based delivery software allows companies to streamline the delivery process by ensuring data security, perfecting route optimisation, enhancing communication with clients, and recording all deliveries.

Oftentimes companies feel reluctant to invest in new software, worried that current-day investments won’t yield the desired future results. While this concern is understandable, it can sometimes have dire consequences on business when companies fail to keep up with the times and adopt the necessary infrastructure to keep them moving forward. In today’s digital age, cloud-based delivery software isn’t simply a nice-to-have for companies that focus on delivery services but rather a genuine necessity. So, how can these solutions and more specifically Loop, usher your company into the future? By streamlining the delivery process to ensure that you enjoy amazing savings on time and money, all the while keeping your customer at the forefront:

  • Time-saving: One of the best benefits of Loop’s automated delivery software is the time-saving component. Loop tracks delivery routes and orders in real-time, plotting the most time-savvy route for drivers to complete their deliveries. Since it also maps and tracks the road, it can easily pick up any delays and adjust routes accordingly to optimise time.
  • Money saving: Another benefit is the money-saving aspect of utilising cloud-based delivery software. Since Loop plots the shortest and most efficient journeys, you save on both fuel and driver time. This means that you can do more deliveries each day and make the most of a driver’s hours by ensuring they complete more orders daily.
  • Client satisfaction: Since Loop’s cloud-based delivery software has three facets – namely the business, client, and driver interface – customers are always kept in the Loop. They can follow the driver in real-time and glean clear insight into the expected ETA. This means that they can go on with their day, safe in the knowledge that their order is on its way. This enhances customer trust and also saves countless hours in phone calls and back-and-forth exchanges between drivers and clients.

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If you are curious about how cloud-based delivery software could elevate your service offerings, why not book a free demo with us? We will take you through our platform, share our data-driven results, and answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Automated delivery software is the way to go if you want to stay ahead of the curve and get set for the future. We have saved countless delivery-based businesses innumerable hours and, in turn, substantial cost savings. Let us help you to do the same! Give us a call at +27 79 876 0331 or send an email to keri@loop.co.za. We’re excited to innovate your business with our cloud-based route-optimisation technology, and we are always on hand to assist!