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Amplifying Your On-Demand Deliveries

Amplifying Your On-Demand Deliveries

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Amplifying Your On-Demand Deliveries with Loop

Amplifying Your On-Demand Deliveries with Loop

While all companies get 24 hours in a day, it’s how they use those hours that really determines their productivity levels. While some businesses are still using manual systems to plot and plan deliveries, others are meeting the needs of the on-demand delivery landscape and using technology to simplify the process. Loop’s all-in-one delivery-management system offers logistics companies the data and insights needed to optimise on-demand deliveries and achieve the best results. The on-demand delivery landscape is only accelerating, and organisations that want to succeed need to keep up with it.

Let’s explore some of the Loop platform’s top features in greater detail below. 

Streamline On-Demand Deliveries with Technological Solutions

Loop is your one-stop solution to all things delivery-related. With a management console, a driver interface, and a client portal, it supports every player in the delivery chain and keeps everyone, well, in the loop. Anyone in the logistics or delivery sector understands that time is money. The better you can manage time, the more value you create. This is why organisation is so imperative when it comes to on-demand deliveries and their challenges. 

Happily, Loop makes it even easier with these incredible features and benefits.

  • Route Optimisation: The Loop platform optimises the best routes for drivers, ensuring that they can get to destinations faster. The turn-by-turn navigation system gives them real-time insights into the best routes, meaning that they get more deliveries done each day. 
  • Organisational Insights: The management console allows fleet and operations managers to access a birds-eye view of all on-demand deliveries and plan accordingly with accurate data. Managers enjoy real-time driver visibility, updated every 125 metres so that they can ensure every delivery is on track. They can also manually intervene on trips when necessary, including updating delivery status, cancelling orders, or removing drivers from specific trips. This ability to manage on-demand deliveries from a central depot saves time, reduces the volume of queries, and offers management clear delivery insights, which can be utilised to improve on-demand deliveries. 
  • Time and Money Savings: Loop saves drivers time, which in turn, enables them to get more deliveries done every day. On average, our system can save drivers around 1.5 hours a day and reduce kilometres driven by around 20%. In the age of rising fuel costs, this yields huge cost savings. 
  • Client Satisfaction: Since clients can access their own interface and track their delivery, they are also empowered to plan their day without the stress of having to wait around for deliveries and worry about long ETAs. This enhances satisfaction and makes receiving deliveries a seamless and stress-free process.

Book a Demo with Our Team 

If you’re ready to elevate on-demand deliveries and access analytical tools and insights that will maximise time and result in more successful deliveries, book a demo with our team. We will walk you through how the platform works, show you what we have achieved, and answer any of your questions about improving on-demand deliveries. For more information, chat with our friendly team. If you’re ready to invest in a platform that achieves clear, trackable results, choose Loop.