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Courier Tracking Software Specialists

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Why Your Logistics Company Needs Loop’s Courier Tracking Software

Any business that does deliveries can benefit hugely from route optimisation software. In fact, in 2022, it is almost impossible to imagine the delivery chain without some reliance on technology. At the simplest level, optimising delivery processes with tracking software saves companies a significant amount of money and time by reducing fuel and labour costs and enabling more deliveries to get done each day.

While small-scale companies might be able to get away with Google Maps and manual systems for a short time, as businesses grow, they will inevitably need more sophisticated software solutions. This is even truer if you’re dealing with multiple drivers, hundreds of stops, and a large-scale fleet. This is where Loop’s courier tracking software can save the day. Let’s explore the three dimensions of Loop’s delivery planning platform:

  1. The management console: This is a must-have feature for courier companies who are serious about tracking routes and managing and monitoring their deliveries and fleet. Loop’s data shows us that this can reduce delivery volume by up to 30%, save up to five hours a week on the road, and decrease call centre inquiries by 10%. Moreover, having the ability to monitor each delivery and every driver allows managers to keep a good watch over the company and never miss a beat.
  • The customer interface: This component keeps clients in the loop thanks to real-time data, and allows them to follow live driver ETAs and enjoy the ease of not having to worry about when their order will arrive or if drivers are stuck in bad traffic or delays. This feature also means that drivers will spend less time with customers (up to 50%) and can subsequently get more done in their day. When customers can easily access the delivery tracking software and follow their driver’s live location, they can better plan their day and ensure that they don’t miss deliveries – all of which cost logistics and courier companies a great deal in money and time.
  • The driver dashboard: Offering drivers turn-by-turn navigation and effective route planning, this feature saves time, allowing courier drivers to deliver more goods every day. This feature results in a 20% decrease in kilometres driven and enables courier companies to take on more orders and manage larger fleets.

Ultimately, comprehensive courier tracking systems like Loop should offer logistics and courier companies the following benefits:

•     Effective route optimisation, allowing multi-stops in the most efficient way possible.

•     Route monitoring protocols to enhance transparency and identify any inefficiencies or delays.

•     Client estimates with clear ETAs.

•     Proof of delivery.

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