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Live Driver Management Software

Live Driver Management Software

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4 Reasons to Invest in Loop’s Driver Management Software

live driver management software

Effective, real-time driver management software is paramount for delivery success. Unfortunately, managing delivery drivers on the road can be a massive undertaking since fleet managers cannot physically monitor each and every driver as they embark on their daily deliveries. If left unchecked, this lack of visibility can cause numerous problems, including missed or delayed deliveries and wasted time. Happily, driver management software can solve this problem by offering businesses real-time visibility of their drivers on the road. Loop’s delivery management software is a one-stop shop for management, drivers, and customers, utilising real-time data to keep all parties in the loop.

Why Effective Delivery Companies Need Delivery Management Software

Below, we explore four reasons why logistics and delivery companies should utilise driver management software.

  1. Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance Optimisation: When you use data-driven algorithms to plot the most economical routes, you naturally cut down on kilometres driven and vehicle wear and tear. Over time, this amounts to significant cost savings. It also keeps your fleet in tip-top condition, ensuring optimal functioning for many years to come.
  • Performance Management and Driver Retention: When businesses can keep an eye on drivers in real time, they can ensure that they’re operating in adherence to company standards and following the designated delivery routes. Furthermore, this software also benefits drivers by offering them easy, hassle-free navigation and the best possible routes. Reliable management platforms like Loop will keep drivers happier by minimising avoidable frustrations like heavy traffic and roadworks. The happier your drivers, the better your retention rates, and as any successful business knows, retention is far more cost-effective than rehiring.
  • Electronic Road Log and Safely Stored Historical Data: Another benefit of driver management software is the fact that it keeps a clear digital record of the entire fleet and all the comings and goings of specific vehicles. This information is critical for business records and allows you to clearly check older orders and deliveries if any issues are flagged down the line. When historical data is digitised, information is readily accessible with the click of a button and lost documents become a thing of the past.
  • Happier Customers: When drivers are managed effectively through route optimisation technologies, they’ll be able to stick to schedule and get to customers on time. This boosts client satisfaction, resulting in a 5-star experience for all. Moreover, since customers can access Loop via the client interface, they can easily track real-time ETA on deliveries, further enhancing their experience.

Chat with the Delivery Experts at Loop

If you are ready to streamline your delivery process and get the best out of your fleet, it’s time to chat with us about our delivery management software. Book a demo with us, and we will happily take you through the platform, showcasing how Loop can mitigate stress and save your company money and time. Our client testimonials speak for themselves, and on average, we enhance delivery capacity by 30%, reduce kilometres by 20%, and save companies 5 hours a week of driving time. Chat with us and enjoy the numerous perks of delivery optimisation.