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Loop’s Technology Helped Yebo Fresh Support Township Entrepreneurs

Loop’s Technology Helped Yebo Fresh Support Township Entrepreneurs

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How Loop’s Technology Helped Yebo Fresh Support Township Entrepreneurs and Community Organisations

Loop’s innovative technology is helping a successful e-commerce platform make positive changes in townships across South Africa. Yebo Fresh is an award-winning e-commerce platform that’s making big waves in South African townships and serving one of the biggest market sectors in the country. Starting in 2018, the company identified huge challenges when it came to the food supply chain in townships and decided to do something to support entrepreneurs and community-based organisations like NGOs and day-care centres.

Many of these stakeholders faced food-supply issues and heightened production costs due to higher travel prices and obstacles when competing with formal retailers. Yebo Fresh realised they could make a difference by introducing accessible, free delivery options and connecting bigger brands to township suppliers. By harnessing the power of tech-driven order-to-delivery processes, community organisations and businesses can place orders via WhatsApp and receive their goods within 24 hours thanks to Yebo Fresh. The brand even offers “buy-now, pay-later” solutions to give smaller entrepreneurs the chance to build their business and optimise stock.

Yebo Fresh builds a bridge between suppliers and local businesses to enhance product offerings in townships, widen the network of local entrepreneurs, and support community-based organisations. Today, Yebo Fresh works across 25 South African townships and has over 5300 clients. These numbers are set to grow.

FAQ: How Loop’s Innovative Technology Optimised Yebo Fresh

Yebo Fresh prides itself on an “ever-expanding offering underpinned by technology”, and this is where Loop plays an important role. The company understands the advantages of embracing technology to enhance accessibility, and that’s why Loop is one of their most valued providers.

Let’s explore a few ways that Loop’s cloud-based delivery-optimisation platform has enhanced Yebo Fresh’s incredible offerings by answering a few important questions.

  1. What Challenges Did Yebo Fresh Experience Before Utilising Loop’s Cloud-Based Delivery-Management Platform?

One of the biggest problems faced by Yebo Fresh – and many other companies that offer delivery as a service – was handling last-minute logistical changes and accessing the best delivery routes. Loop’s technology uses real-time analytics to account for last-minute challenges and adjust delivery schedules accordingly. Since it optimises the best routes – in terms of kilometres driven – it saves drivers time and reduces fuel costs. This enables drivers to conduct more deliveries each day and drive the smartest, most cost-effective routes.

  • How Does Real-Time Driver Visibility Enhance Operational Efficiency?

Real-time visibility allows operational managers to keep an eye on all their drivers and monitor every delivery. Thanks to this technology, Yebo Fresh can track drivers, minimise route deviations, and enhance overall customer experience with accurate communication and information.

  • How Has Loop Impacted Business Growth and Success?

Loop’s technology has helped Yebo Fresh to positively move several key metrics, improving cost per kilometre driven, lowering logistics costs, and enabling them to better manage service providers based on trip costs. Loop’s analytical metrics help companies like Yebo Fresh to make smarter decisions.

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