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The Benefits of Route Optimisation Software

The Benefits of Route Optimisation Software

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The Hidden Benefits of Route Optimisation Software

Route optimisation software is a must-have for any company that delivers goods. Whether you own a large-scale courier company with a vast fleet of vehicles or a small business that does local deliveries, Loop can enhance your business. Route management systems like Loop utilise computer algorithms to plot and plan drivers’ most effective delivery routes. Using real-time data, they configure the most efficient journeys. This increases delivery speed and efficiency, saving companies a great deal of money and time.

Above the apparent time and money savings that come with delivery optimisation software, there are some other hidden advantages that can truly accelerate any business. Here we explore a few overlooked benefits of Loop’s route optimisation software.

• Flexibility: When you have route optimisation software on your side, you are far better equipped to handle ever-changing situations. They say that life happens when you’re making other plans, and sometimes unexpected situations crop up no matter how much you plan ahead. Happily, effective route management can save the day when things change sporadically, offering companies and clients greater flexibility when it comes to unexpected events like incidental roadworks, vehicle breakdowns, and changed delivery locations.

• Later cut-off times for customer orders: Delivery optimisation software can plan a delivery route in minutes. This allows companies to quickly respond to last-minute orders, meaning that customers can choose same-day deliveries with later order cut-off times. Not only does this accelerate delivery speed, but it also keeps customers happy. Manually planning routes can take hours, if not days, meaning that employees have to schedule journeys well in advance and long before drivers leave the distribution centre. With Loop, however,  orders and deliveries can be updated in real-time, allowing greater flexibility for customers to order at later times.

• Greater business insights: Utilising route management technology to streamline business operations and track real-time data can also offer incredible business insights. Keep track of delivery capabilities and use data to make significant business decisions related to the location of distribution centres, extended destinations, and considerations around more economical transport options. This can also improve the targeted marketing efforts of the business, allowing companies to identify relevant consumer markets with ease and ensure that promotional activities consider delivery capabilities, too.

Chat with Our Delivery Optimisation Experts Today

If you want to explore the myriad benefits of Loop, get in touch with us and book a free demo session. We will show you how the software works, offering insight into various aspects of the platform, including the driver app, management interface, and customer platform. With Loop, you can enjoy the following benefits, and more:

•           Shorter delivery routes, saving hundreds of kilometres per year

•           Huge time savings, allowing for more deliveries per day

•           Lower fuel costs and general wear and tear on vehicles

•           Enhanced customer satisfaction when they can track deliveries in real-time

•           Employee availability to focus on other tasks rather than manual route planning

•           Streamlined aspects of the business offering enormous cost savings

For more information, send us an email at info@loop.co.za or give us a call at +27 79 876 0331. When everyone is in the loop, success is guaranteed!