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The Benefits of Driver Tracking Software

The Benefits of Driver Tracking Software

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The Benefits of Driver Tracking Software for Companies and Customers

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Driver tracking software, also known as driver-management software, is a comprehensive tool that allows courier companies and organisations to streamline the delivery process. By tracking their fleet, businesses can monitor every step of the delivery process. The Loop platform offers users three interfaces – one for management, one for the drivers, and the third for the client. This keeps all parties in the know about every step of the delivery process and facilitates correspondence between all parties to ensure minimal disruption or delay.

Delivery-tracking software has multiple advantages, automating each delivery element, from collecting orders from the depot to dropping them at the customer’s door. This results in smooth-running delivery processes from start to finish.

Let’s explore the advantages of driver tracking software for companies and clients in greater detail:

Benefits of Driver Tracking Software for Companies and Drivers

Loop has several impressive benefits for courier and logistics companies and their drivers.  

  1. Enhanced Route Planning: One of the best benefits of delivery-tracking software is the route-optimisation benefit. By tracking drivers in real time, Loop can plot and plan the best delivery routes and offer data-driven insight about shorter routes and faster delivery options. When you choose Loop, fleet efficiency is guaranteed.
  • Better Driver Retention: Loop keeps everyone happy, including drivers. Loop takes the stress out of deliveries for drivers too, ensuring that they’re driving the most efficient and least stressful routes. Drivers will be better able to meet targets and won’t have to face the stress of manually plotting and planning their routes on the job. When pressure is mitigated, drivers are naturally happier on the job and driver retention is achieved.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Loop plots the most efficient delivery routes, meaning that your fleet can cut down significantly on excess time and fuel. Over time, this adds up, resulting in an estimated 20% reduction in kilometres driven and five extra hours saved per week. Alongside these significant savings, with Loop, companies can service 50% more clients each month, resulting in greater profit margins and increased savings.

Benefits of Driver Tracking Software for Clients

Loop also has major benefits for clients, which also improves your business.

  1. Precise ETA: One of the best perks of driver-tracking software for clients is the fact that they can access real-world data about the driver’s estimated time of arrival. No longer will clients have to wait around all day for broad delivery estimation windows. With Loop, they can access the client interface and track their order in real time. This optimises the delivery process and keeps clients in the loop.
  • Enhances Client Confidence: When clients experience 5-star deliveries every time, their faith is naturally enhanced. Loop improves the delivery process, ensuring that every delivery runs smoothly. This builds client trust and results in repeat business.  

Book a Demo with Loop If you’re ready to explore the numerous ways that Loop’s delivery-management platform can streamline the delivery process and offer tremendous time and money savings, book a demo today. We’ll take you through our dashboard and show you real-world analytics to highlight how Loop has benefited numerous organisations, savings them money and time. Here at Loop, we’re pushing the delivery landscape forward, one order at a time.