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Top Benefits of Loop Delivery Management Software and How it Improves Business

Top Benefits of Loop Delivery Management Software and How it Improves Business

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Top Benefits of Loop Delivery Management Software and How it Improves Business

Loop delivery management software takes the stresses and hassles out of every delivery. The platform handles the logistics of route planning and has three prominent features: the driver console, the client interface, and the management platform. These three elements enhance delivery output, increase client satisfaction, and enable managers to track performance. Over time, they streamline all delivery operations in the business, saving money and time.

So, why do logistics and delivery companies use Loop, and how can the platform help your business? Read on to learn more.

The Top Benefits of Loop

When you work with Loop, you cut time but never corners. Benefits of using this premium delivery management software include the following and more:

• Real-Time Analytics: Here at Loop, we certainly aren’t about half measures, which is why we work on real-time analytics. We deliver data as soon as it’s collected, meaning that drivers can work with real-time information and updates regarding delays on the road, new orders, and other logistical considerations. It also means that clients get real-time updates about the status of their delivery so that they are always in the loop.

• Huge Time Savings: When drivers get real-time data, huge time savings occur. Loop delivery management software plans the quickest and most logistically sound route based on all the deliveries for the day, meaning that drivers can get more deliveries done in a shift. On average, Loop saves drivers about 1.5 hours each day and reduces driving distance by about 20 km. Over the weeks and months, this leads to major time and money savings since less fuel is consumed, and drivers can get more done each hour, day, and month.

• Enhanced Client Satisfaction: When customers feel like they’re in the know about all things delivery-related, client satisfaction automatically increases. No longer do customers have to spend hours on the phone with drivers trying to direct them to their location since the app will get them there with ease. Moreover, since clients can access real-time data of the driver’s ETA, they can be ready and waiting when the delivery arrives, rather than drivers having to waste hours waiting on unavailable clients. This benefit enhances the number of clients served per month and results in a 40% reduction in time spent with clients, meaning that drivers can do more in their day.

In a nutshell, the benefits of loop are vast; they include:

• Huge time savings, allowing drivers to get more deliveries done each day and enhance the customer pool

• Cost savings on fuel and driver time

• Greater customer satisfaction due to enhanced communication and real-time updates

• Enhanced ability for management to view all delivery options and increase delivery volume (up to 30% on average.

Get in Touch with the Delivery Management Software Experts

For more information on our dynamic platform, book a free demo with our experts. During the 45-minute call, we’ll take you through the different elements of Loop, show you live dashboards, and take you through what we have achieved to date. We look forward to chatting with you and showing you how Loop can enhance all delivery operations and result in greater success.

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