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Cloud-Based Delivery Platform

Cloud-Based Delivery Platform

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cloud-based delivery platform

Cloud-based delivery platforms are vital for courier services, logistics companies, and any business that delivers goods to clients. Custom delivery platforms allow companies to streamline delivery processes by utilising real-world analytics and data to plot and plan routes. Loop’s cloud-based delivery platform has three components: the driver app, the customer app, and the management app. Loop software is the thread that connects these three components, ensuring a streamlined delivery process for all parties.

The Key Business Advantages of Loop

Let’s explore some reasons why Loop is essential for your delivery business.

• Streamlined Infrastructure: Loop’s cloud-based delivery platform provides smarter routes for drivers, trimming down the delivery time and allowing drivers to get more deliveries done daily. This feature makes overall logistical operations a far easier feat since routes are planned with time and resource optimisation in mind. With Loop, drivers can save up to 1.5 hours a day and reduce kilometres driven. This equates to huge time and money savings.

• Heightened Productivity: One of the core benefits of Loop is the productivity factor. The platform allows drivers, clients, and management teams to access data quickly, keeping all parties in the loop. When drivers utilise top-end customised cloud-based solutions, productivity is enhanced thanks to the huge time savings. This means that drivers can handle more deliveries on any given day, further enhancing their daily, weekly, and monthly output. Over time, this enables companies to handle more orders and expand operations.

• A Better Customer Experience: One of the core benefits of Loop is the customer satisfaction level. When clients know exactly where their delivery is, they enjoy greater peace of mind. Rather than waiting for hours on end when given a wide delivery time window, clients know exactly when their parcel is arriving, empowering them to better plan their day. It’s a no-brainer that happy clients will return to companies who deliver, and when you utilise Loop’s custom-fitted, cloud-based delivery platform, client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Book a Free Demo Today!

If you want to learn about Loop, why not book one of our free demos? We’ll take you through our cloud-based delivery platform and show you real-world data. The 45-minute session will cover several areas of our platform, including:

• We’ll take you through every part of the tech (business, driver, and client apps) so you can see how the platform works for all parties.

• We will showcase live dashboards and real-time analytics.

• We’ll share stats of what Loop has achieved to date.

Customised route-optimisation systems allow you to simplify logistical operations and deliver tangible results to your clients. When working with the team at Loop, we will take your unique business offerings into account and customise a cloud-based delivery platform that meets all your logistical needs. We’ve worked with some big names, including Nando’s, Checkers, Kauai, Busy Med, and Quench, and we are always eager to expand our horizons and work with new clients. For more information on how Loop software can help your company meet and exceed all delivery goals, send us a message or give us a call at +27 79 876 0331.