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4 Important Advantages of Delivery Management Software

4 Important Advantages of Delivery Management Software

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Delivery management software streamlines the delivery process by managing orders and plotting the best routes for delivery. Platforms like Loop are essential when it comes to logistical management, allowing companies to effectively distribute orders, plan routes, track vehicles, and communicate with customers. While delivery management software was once seen as a luxury by many companies, it is now an absolute necessity.

Delivery Management

Modernising Delivery Management

In days gone by, delivery companies would utilise maps and manually plot out routes. While this was a better solution than not delivering goods to clients, it took a great deal of time and didn’t factor in potential delays on the road. In recent years, things changed dramatically when companies moved to Google Maps. While this had huge advantages in route planning and accessing real-time road data, clients and businesses were still out of the loop regarding order arrival times and driver locations. Enter the age of delivery management software, and these struggles are a thing of the past. Automated route optimisation platforms like Loop offer businesses and their clients several unbeatable advantages. These include:

– Streamlined deliveries: The core perk of Loop’s platform is the efficiency factor. Route optimisation allows companies to effectively manage their orders, and, in turn, this amounts to more business success. Loop ensures a clear line of communication from the distribution centre to the client, reducing the potential of broken communication and disruption and ensuring total efficiency with each delivery.

– Efficient use of time: Our platform saves businesses, drivers, and clients time by plotting the most time-effective routes and keeping everyone notified. Since maps are monitored in real time, the app can update routes accordingly, ensuring maximum time savings for all parties.

– Happy customers: Loop’s customer interface features allow your clients to track their orders in real-time. This makes them feel like they are part of the process and reduces any delivery-related stress that they might be feeling. When customers are in the know, they are more empowered to carry on with their day without worrying that they will miss out on receiving their orders. Clear communication also makes clients feel valued, and, as we all know, valued clients are usually repeat ones.

– Better business decision-making: Route management platforms allow businesses to keep a clear record of all delivery procedures and adjust processes accordingly. When you can track and record every delivery and monitor what’s working (and what isn’t), you’re better informed to make business decisions. This software can guide companies by allowing them to clearly track the volume and location of orders and enable them to make decisions regarding their fleet.

Explore Loop for Optimal Delivery Management

If you want to explore the wonders of effective delivery management, why not chat with the team at Loop? You can book a free demo, and we will gladly show you the ins and outs of our platform. If you have questions about how our software can boost your business and streamline deliveries, please email us at keri@loop.co.za.