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Cloud-based Delivery Management Software

Cloud-based Delivery Management Software

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Keep in the Loop with Our Bespoke Cloud-Based Management Platform

Here at Loop, we aren’t about half measures, and this is why our delivery management software works on real-time analytics to give you, your clients, and your drivers, the best of the best. We streamline every aspect of the delivery process to ensure it’s all smooth sailing, from start to finish. Our innovative platform places the movement of your business at your fingertips, ensuring that every phase of the delivery process runs efficiently and without error. Loop software is configured explicitly for your business and its unique needs, ensuring that client expectations are met and exceeded when it comes to all things delivery.

All too often, deliveries come with many problems – from late drivers to lost tracking numbers – and that is where we step in. When you work with Loop and our premium delivery management software, these problems become a thing of the past.

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So, how exactly does it work? You don’t have to be a techie to understand the innovation of Loop. Our management software has three main components: the management console, the driver app, and the customer tracking page. Let’s delve into these elements a little deeper:

  • Management console: This part is strictly created for clients like you, allowing you to tap into the analytical genius of the app. Use the platform to manage and monitor clients, vehicle fleets, delivery routes, and client orders. Benefits of this feature include an increase in delivery volume, fewer call centre queries, deeper insight into what clients want, and, of course, saving time, which in the business world equates directly to more money!
  • Driver app: Thanks to route optimisation, the driver app ensures that drivers arrive where they’re meant to without the hassle of missed turns and other navigation issues. The driver app will save time, reduce kilometres, and enable more deliveries in a day.
  • Customer tracking page: This part is all for your clients, striving to make the delivery experience a first-class affair. Clients can keep updated with drivers, gain clear insight into ETA, and waste less time waiting around for orders to arrive. When clients are happy with the delivery, they’ll probably order again.

Explore Loop Delivery Management Software Today

If you are ready to optimise, scale, and organise your deliveries with professionalism and efficiency in mind, it is time to explore the wonders of Loop. With digital flexibility on your side and the power of real-time analytics, a whole world of knowledge that was previously unavailable becomes accessible. This gives you in-depth intel to enhance business operations and streamline operational success. Moreover, some of the biggest names around, including Nando’s, Checkers 60, and Kauai, among others, are using this innovative software. So, when you sign up, you’ll be alongside some fantastic companies.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’re ready to find out more, why not book a demo? The 45-minute session will give you a brief history of our software system, and we’ll show you what the technical parts entail via live dashboards. We’ll also chat with you about what we have achieved to date and explore how our software can streamline your unique operations. If you’re ready to over deliver with our management software, we’re here to help!

Do you want to see what the fuss about Loop is? Watch this video to learn more: