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Why Every Courier Company Needs to Utilise Route Optimisation Software

Why Every Courier Company Needs to Utilise Route Optimisation Software

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Route optimisation software is one of the best ways that couriers and logistical companies can streamline delivery operations and get more done in a day. Long gone are the days when delivery drivers had to wield paper map books, navigate shoddy traffic jams without prior warning, and plot complex routes with paper and pen. Thanks to Loop and our innovative route optimisation software, drivers can get to where they need to be fast and use real-time data to access the most cost-effective and efficient delivery routes.

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When your company chooses Loop as its number-one delivery platform, the following two perks are achieved:

• Huge cost savings: Let’s be honest, the first thing any company wants to know when investing in new software is whether or not there will be sufficient return on investment (ROI). It’s all very good and well to jump on the bandwagon and purchase the next hype product, but if cost savings aren’t guaranteed, this will have little impact on business operations or economic gain. Happily, our tried-and-tested application will save you money from day one. Since delivery routes are optimised with real-time data, drivers will be able to make use of the shortest routes possible. This saves petrol (an ever-increasing commodity), lessens general wear and tear on the vehicle, and allows drivers – many of whom are paid by the hour – to get more deliveries done in a day. It’s a no-brainer that investing in route optimisation software will enhance business and offer significant ROI.

• Happy clients and customers: When deliveries are optimised, both your business clients and their customers will be happy, and this will often result in more business. If a business employs your courier company and can trust that every delivery will occur in a timely and professional manner, they’ll naturally want to keep working with you. Furthermore, when their customers experience a premium delivery service, they’ll probably become repeat clients. In the digital age where competition is rife customer service is everything! Since Loop prioritises communication and offers clients real-time updates on the drivers’ locations, clients always stay in the know, and delivery hassles are minimised.

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Our cloud-based delivery platform optimises your routes and propels the delivery landscape forward. Here, at Loop, we are all about finding savvy solutions to logistical problems, and that’s how we began. We spotted a problem and created a specialised algorithm to solve it fast. We then took a deeper dive into all things delivery-related, realising that communication, visibility, route optimisation, and performance tracking were all areas that needed improving. So, we added more algorithms and solved delivery problems for three key players in the delivery mix, namely, businesses, customers, and drivers.

When you utilise our premium route optimisation software, the delivery process is streamlined, and all parties remain happy. Chat with our expert team for a free demo, and get in touch with us for more information about our optimisation software.

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