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Loop’s Innovative Delivery Management App

Loop’s Innovative Delivery Management App

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Bolster Delivery Efficiency with Loop’s Innovative Delivery Management App

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Do you know how much a delivery management app can improve your life? Have you ever had to wait hours for a delivery to arrive? You get that all-too-familiar text message that your delivery is on its way and that it will arrive somewhere between 9 am and 6 pm. You’re unable to make any plans, leave the house, or hop onto an online meeting because your phone could ring at any stage to tell you that your delivery is outside. Sometimes, it’s even worse. You wait around all day for the delivery, but it never arrives, and you’re met with the same ominous text message the next day: “Your delivery will arrive between 9 am and 6 pm.” And so begins the waiting game yet again.

If you run a delivery-based business or a logistics company, you likely know the importance of efficient delivery in business. The more reliable your deliveries, the happier your customers are. And the happier they are, the more return business you will experience. This is where delivery management apps like Loop work wonders. Our dynamic route-optimisation and delivery-planning platform is your one-stop shop for effective, streamlined deliveries and 5-star customer service.

Understanding the Loop Delivery Management App

So, what is Loop all about? You might wonder. We’re glad you asked!

Loop’s delivery management app began where most innovations do. It started with a problem. While coding and researching ways to enhance the delivery experience for drivers, managers, and clients, we realised the main stumbling blocks that get in the way of effective delivery. Namely, a lack of communication, performance tracking, and visibility.

We realised that if couriers could solve these three problems, seamless deliveries would be at their fingertips. We designed the Loop delivery management app to solve these problems, and along the way, we continued to enhance and develop the platform to meet evolving needs. When you work with our delivery management platform, you will experience the following features:

  • The Management Console: This is for managers, allowing them to monitor the fleet, track all orders, and see orders in real-time. When you can accurately and conveniently manage your fleet via our app, you’ll increase delivery volume rates, save hours on manual planning, and be able to tackle problems before they arise.
  • The Driver App: Logistics companies rely significantly on the quality and efficiency of drivers. Loop enhances driver capabilities by offering turn-by-turn navigation, precise route planning, and a super-effective driver wallet. On average, this feature saves companies 20% on kilometres driven (resulting in fuel savings and less vehicle wear and tear) and an additional 1.5 hours every day.
  • The Customer Tracking Page: This page keeps all customers in the Loop, so they don’t have to wait around for hours for expected deliveries. They can access live driver locations and clear ETAs, letting them get on with their day. This feature allows you to serve more clients each month and secure repeat business due to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Delivery management software allows you to make the most of technology and give your clients what they want: Speedy, efficient, cost-effective deliveries.

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