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3 Perks of Delivery Tracking Software for Your Business

3 Perks of Delivery Tracking Software for Your Business

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Your business is only as good as the quality of service it offers. You might be a key player in your industry, making the tastiest cakes on the block or selling the most glorious gardening kits; however, these services and products lose their prowess without good delivery service. Every e-commerce business needs a reliable delivery tracking service, and thankfully our premium technology can save the day. When you utilise delivery tracking software like Loop, efficiency and reliability are the day’s order.

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Here are three top-notch reasons why delivery tracking software can enhance customer service and boost productivity.

  • Reliability is guaranteed

One of the most fantastic perks of Loop is the reliability factor. We’ve all been there when we’re waiting for an online order, and it just doesn’t arrive or arrives at completely the wrong moment when we’ve popped out to fetch the kids from school.

Not only is this frustrating for customers who want to receive their deliveries on time, but it can also lose you clients in the long run. If customers lose trust that their goods will be delivered when you say they will, they will soon switch shops. Happily, Loop offers clients the ultimate peace of mind by always keeping them in the know. They can track their delivery in real-time and thus plan their day accordingly.

  • Saves your company time and money

Another major advantage of delivery tracking software like Loop is the time saved, and, let’s be honest, time equates to money in the modern world. The driver app can save drivers around 1.5 hours a day, meaning more deliveries in a day and more opportunities for extra business. When drivers have an extra hour and a half each day, this adds up significantly over a month, resulting in 7.5 additional hours a week and over 30 extra hours a month. In a year, you are looking at over 300 hours saved. This time can be used for more deliveries, thus making the most of your human resources.

  • Lower fuel costs

Since Loop’s software saves drivers so much time by using real-time data to plan the most efficient routes, you also save on kilometres driven. In fact, we estimate you can save up to 20 kilometres in some instances. With those pesky and ever-increasing fuel prices always on the rise, this alleviates the stress on your petrol tank and your bank balance. 

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Here at Loop, we strive to move the delivery landscape forward with every drop-off and client interaction with our tracking services. By digitising your delivery services with our software, you enhance customer trust, boost productivity, save money and time, and ensure that your professional standards never drop.

If you want to learn more, book a free demo. We will show you the ropes, and you will soon understand that delivery tracking software is a must in 2022. Alternatively, give us a call at +27 79 876 0331. We look forward to working with you!

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