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Delivery Tracking Software Simplified

Delivery Tracking Software Simplified

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Loop Takes the Complexity Out of Delivery Tracking Software

delivery tracking software

Using delivery-tracking software is one of the best ways to streamline the delivery process and ensure that your company is on top of its delivery game. Premium delivery-tracking software is a one-stop shop for all delivery needs, automating every step of the process, including order dispatch, vehicle tracking, route planning, and more.

Comprehensive models like Loop offer many benefits for business, including:

• Speedy, Efficient Delivery: Meaning that companies can get more deliveries done each day. And as they say, time equals money!

• Better Driver Management and Satisfaction: When tracking software automates routes and plans drivers’ daily journeys, drivers’ can be better monitored by management and get more done each day. Moreover, the efficiency and clarity of the route planning will also minimise driver stress levels and enhance their satisfaction. Any successful business knows that your company’s success is linked to employee satisfaction.

• Reduced Costs: Since automated delivery-tracking software like Loop plots the best route, it saves companies a great deal in terms of time on the road, fuel output, general vehicle wear and tear, and employee overtime. These reduced costs put businesses in a better position to grow and expand operations. Loop can save drivers up to 1.5 hours a day and reduce kilometres driven by 20%.

• Enhanced Customer Experiences: When deliveries are streamlined and reliable, customers naturally have a better experience. Loop’s customer interface feature keeps clients in the loop with each and every delivery, giving them a clear idea of when their goods will arrive. This takes away the stress and frustration of having to free up hours while waiting for a delivery, allowing customers to get on with their day safe in the knowledge that their order will arrive at the agreed time.

Complexities with Delivery-Tracking Software

Unfortunately, some delivery-tracking software platforms are inherently riddled with problems, causing havoc when it comes to delivery management and causing more client distress than satisfaction. Top issues that can arise when you don’t work with a reputable provider include:

  • Slow syncing of delivery-tracking software (which can lead to incorrect deliveries)
  • A lack of response from customer service (which can discourage customers and hinder business)
  • Systems that cannot handle multiple warehouses or locations
  • Complex onboarding processes that confuse clients rather than enlighten them
  • Lack of notification if a customer puts in the wrong delivery details (which prolongs delivery time and leads to further customer frustration)
  • They don’t integrate with point-of-sale systems
  • They don’t allow for last-minute inputs and orders
  • Unable to handle multi-package orders
  • Lack of user support and user ease

Chat with Our Logistics Experts

Happily, Loop strives to take the stress and hassle out of deliveries by offering a clear and easy-to-use platform for management, drivers, and customers. If you want to learn more about this innovative system and deliver it every single time, book a demo with us! We will show you real-time analytics via our dashboard, clearly showing you how Loop’s all-in-one platform can enhance business. And if you don’t believe us, read the testimonials and see how many companies we’ve helped.

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