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Time Efficiency With A Route Optimisation System

Time Efficiency With A Route Optimisation System

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Does a Route Optimisation System Help with Time-Efficiency?

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The adage tells us that time is money, and this is why most businesses know that effective time management is the key to economic and operational success. Route-optimisation software is one of the best ways for businesses to make the most of their time. Since route-optimisation platforms use real-time data to plan the most effective and efficient delivery routes, they always ensure that maximum time is saved for the company. Rather than operational managers having to spend hours manually plotting routes, Loop’s automated software does it all. This frees up huge amounts of time, allowing staff to focus on pressing matters that require human attention rather than computerised finesse.

So, what exactly does Loop do? It does several things:

1. Plans daily delivery routes

2. Manages multiple destinations and stops

3. Allows for route modification in the case of last-minute orders

4. Shares live updates so that drivers, clients, and managers are always in the know (or, shall we say, the loop!)

Loop’s Time- and Money-Saving Capabilities

So, how exactly can Loop route-optimisation solutions save businesses time and, by that virtue, money? Let’s explore some of the main ways.

• Saves Driver Time: One of the core time-saving benefits of Loop is that it cuts down driving time. With the most effective route plotted and planned, drivers can get to multiple destinations fast. This enables them to get more done each day, further bolstering delivery outputs. Moreover, it reduces the need to pay drivers overtime and cuts down on fuel costs, kilometres driven, and general vehicle wear and tear. Over the months and years, this adds up, resulting in significant savings.

• Creates More Accurate ETAs: We’ve all been in the position of waiting for hours on end for a delivery. We get a message to say our order has left the depot and eagerly anticipate its arrival as the clock continues to tick. Eight hours later, we’re still waiting on our order, and in the meantime, we’ve been unable to leave the house or hop in the shower out of fear we’ll miss it. Loop takes the stress out of deliveries for service providers and clients. Customers access the client interface, which keeps them updated with real-time information about their orders. This enhances satisfaction, guaranteeing happier clients.

• Frees Up In-Office Time: When routes are manually plotted and updated via the Loop platform, managers can expend their effort and energy on other tasks. Loop sends real-time data to all parties, allowing them to observe delivery stats for the day. However, if orders are added or traffic issues arise, Loop will navigate these stumbling blocks. This means that managers can focus their attention on other projects, safe in the knowledge that Loop’s taking care of the logistics.

Contact the Logistics Experts at Loop

If you are ready to save bucketloads of time and speed up the delivery process, get in touch with our team. We will happily give you a live demo of how our route-optimisation platform works and show you real-time analytics through our live dashboard. Send us a message, and we will gladly be in touch!