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Why Your Company Needs Route Optimisation Software

Why Your Company Needs Route Optimisation Software

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4 Amazing Advantages of Route Optimisation Software

Delivery orders are often the biggest (and most stressful) business component. Without adequate delivery management and optimisation systems, deliveries can cause unnecessary chaos and leave a bad taste in your customers’ mouths. So, what exactly is route optimisation software, and how can it help your business? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how it all works.

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Route optimisation software – in a nutshell – is a way to plot the most business-savvy route for drivers. Delivery drivers will have numerous goods to deliver in various locations on any given day. Route optimisation software considers all the drop-off areas and helps to map the most efficient and cost-effective way to save drivers (and their employers) money and time for that specific day. Our program finds the quickest and most straightforward solution rather than drivers dashing all over a city in a haphazard and potentially costly way.

When you utilise the Loop delivery management platform, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Monetary savings: Since our technology determines the quickest ways to get to destinations and plots a route that aims to reduce kilometres driven, fuel costs are reduced. The software also strives to lessen the time drivers spend on the road, thus diminishing potential wear-and-tear costs on your vehicle fleet and reducing the likely need to pay drivers over time. It also saves managers and operators from having to manually (and tediously) plot routes, instead using intelligent algorithms to do so with precision and ease. This frees up their time so that they can focus on other important tasks.
  • Enhanced safety: Loop maps and tracks drivers ensuring that they are always visible whilst on the road. Since navigation optimisation programs strive to reduce time spent on the road, this also reduces the chances of potential accidents. Optimisation software can plot out safer journeys for drivers, further bolstering road safety.
  • Better productivity: Real-time data tracking can boost accountability and ensure more deliveries are scheduled per day. When drivers can avoid traffic or lengthy delays, they’ll naturally experience enhanced workflow, boosting morale and overall business success. 
  • Fantastic customer service: One of the core advantages of our software is the impact that it has on clients. They will never be disappointed with a failed or late delivery since they can map their delivery in real-time and glean a precise and accurate ETA. In the event of an accident or severe delay, the program can also locate nearby drivers and ensure that parcels are delivered without hassle.

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