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Logistics Improvements with the Loop Software Platform

Logistics Improvements with the Loop Software Platform

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Enhance Logistics with the Loop Software Platform

There are only so many hours in a day, so many days in a week, and so many months in a year. As much as we might like to wave a magic wand and buy more time, that possibility is currently unavailable in today’s technological landscape. Happily, however, there is a software solution if you want to get the most out of your time, or more ‘bang for your buck’, as they say. Enter automated route planning software, like the Loop software platform.

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Loop is a route-planning, logistical software solution with a twist. Rather than solely planning journeys by plotting maps, Loop has three different interfaces, each tailored to diverse stakeholders within the delivery chain. Loop can be accessed by companies themselves, clients, and drivers, ensuring that each player is always in the know. When you choose the Loop software platform for your logistics or courier company, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Access real-time data: Real-time data gives businesses accurate logistical solutions, allowing them to plan journeys and deliveries with elevated accuracy. This speeds up deliveries and allows you to get the most out of every trip by optimising each ride. With real-time data, routes and delivery times are updated as drivers go, ensuring that clients are always in the know and that drivers can get to destinations as quickly as possible, despite any unexpected delays.
  • Major cost-savings: Since Loop’s software platform saves courier and logistics companies a great deal of time, significant cost-savings are enjoyed. Loop will plot the shortest distances possible, resulting in substantial fuel savings and general vehicle wear and tear. Since the platform is all about optimising time, more deliveries can be done in a day. This means that drivers can get more deliveries done on every shift, and as such, more deliveries occur each hour, day, and month.
  • Customer satisfaction: When companies utilise Loop’s reliable software, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Customers can access their own platform, allowing them to tap into driver updates and the ETA. This will enable clients to get on with their day, safe in the knowledge that their order is on its way. Naturally, the happier customers are, the more they’ll want to engage in repeat business. As we all know, happy clients are returning ones.

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