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Manage Your On-Demand Deliveries with the Loop Platform

Manage Your On-Demand Deliveries with the Loop Platform

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Manage Successful On-Demand Deliveries with Loop’s Innovative Software

manage on-demand deliveries with Loop

The present-day e-commerce world has skyrocketed the need for effective, streamlined on-demand delivery processes. Customers want speedy deliveries and hassle-free communication. Gone are the days when clients were prepared to wait days for goods or when they would be happy with a vague ETA on delivery day. The modern-day consumer wants to be in the loop! Are you ready to optimise your delivery routes and streamline your on-demand deliveries with data-driven delivery solutions? If so, you need the Loop delivery-management platform at your fingertips.

Understanding On-Demand Deliveries 

So, what exactly is an on-demand delivery, and how can the Loop delivery-management platform help you to ensure that every delivery is a 5-star experience for you and your clients?

On-demand delivery is a buzzword in the modern age, and for a good reason. It’s a process whereby service providers, stores, and logistics companies are able to provide quick and efficient delivery without advanced warning. According to Mckinsey, around 75% of speciality retailers want to build network capabilities that can offer “two-day or faster delivery.” A whopping 42% are aiming for a one-day turnaround from the moment they order their goods. On-demand deliveries are thus essential if businesses want to stay competitive.

The phenomenon of on-demand deliveries has “ushered in an entirely new era of consumer expectations around speed, cost, and convenience.” No longer is quick and efficient delivery a nice-to-have extra; it’s become critical to the overall success of the business. Modern consumers want a stress-free delivery experience.

Choose Loop for Timely, Optimised On-Demand Deliveries

When you choose Loop for all your on-demand deliveries, you and your customers are guaranteed the following:

  • Accurate Route-Optimisation: The Loop platform considers all your delivery destinations for the day and plots the most effective route. This considers time spent on the road, the time between orders, and finding the most cost-effective route.
  • Real-Time Visibility: The Loop platform has three interfaces for management, drivers, and clients. Each party can access real-time, live visibility to determine where the order is and how long it will take to get to the client. This enhances delivery efficiency and ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  • Reduced Costs: Perhaps one of the best perks of using Loop, other than the customer satisfaction part, is the monumental cost savings. Since we plot the most affordable routes, your fleet will cut down on kilometres driven. Not only does this save general vehicle wear and tear and fuel costs, but it also means that drivers can get more deliveries done each hour. Save money on unnecessary overtime when you complete more orders each hour and day. Over the weeks and months, this results in huge time and money savings, which can be injected back into the business to further boost revenue.

Book a Demo with Loop If you’re ready to explore the wonders of Loop and learn how our delivery-management software can transform your on-demand deliveries, book a demo today! We’ll show you Loop’s success to date, showcase real-world data, and show you how Loop can dramatically improve delivery efficiency for your business.