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How to Tackle On-Demand Deliveries Fast & Efficiently

How to Tackle On-Demand Deliveries Fast & Efficiently

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Tackle On-Demand Deliveries with Loop

tackle on-demand deliveries with loop

There is no denying the fact that the digital age is fast-paced, possibly even lightning-paced. Thanks to innovations in the e-commerce sector, customers can order goods with a click of a button and receive them at their doorstep the next day. Many companies even offer same-day delivery services, meaning that the on-demand delivery sector is in full swing. As the festive season approaches and online shoppers set the Internet ablaze with holiday orders, companies need to be able to offer on-demand deliveries with ease. This is where Loop’s customised cloud-based delivery platform truly shines.

Loop effortlessly moves the delivery landscape forward, ensuring that every delivery is executed with speed, professionalism, and ease. With three different interfaces, namely the driver console, management platform, and customer app. Our innovative software platform allows businesses, big and small, to manage all on-demand deliveries promptly and professionally.

Let’s explore how Loop can enhance your on-demand deliveries and yield impressive, data-driven results.

The Benefits of Loop for Businesses that Require On-Demand Deliveries

Let’s call a spade a spade. On-demand deliveries can be stressful at best, especially if you’re manually handling them and plotting routes accordingly. As orders fly in, logistics managers have to quickly determine when they can schedule the delivery and how they’ll slot it in with the other on-demand deliveries that week. Tackling these logistics manually can feel hugely overwhelming, and as hundreds of orders fly in, mistakes become all too possible. This is where automation can truly save the day. Loop software considers all deliveries through real-time analytics and plots the most time- and cost-effective route. Moreover, if a new delivery suddenly emerges, Loop can update schedules and add things accordingly.

Loop software helps businesses in these ways:

  • Saves time: Loop saves drivers a lot of time, offering turn-by-turn navigation and taking in any delays. Moreover, Loop will create the best delivery schedule based on the day’s on-demand deliveries to ensure that drivers get more done each hour. Several studies have highlighted the pressures put on delivery drivers, and happily, Loop can enhance their wellbeing by offering that extra support. With Loop, kilometres driven are reduced and driver time is maximised. In fact, Loop can save a whopping 1.5 hours on the road a day!
  • Keeps Managers in the Know: The manager console offers managers a bird’s-eye view of the entire delivery landscape. This allows managers to conveniently manage their fleet, monitor real-time routes, and track daily deliveries.
  • Ensures Customer Satisfaction: Loop enhances the delivery experience for your customers. Since they are always in the know, they can always check the ETA and plan their day accordingly. Loop reduces the time spent with customers, saving time for everyone and guaranteeing repeat business. When you offer clients 5-star service, they’re sure to be a customer for life.

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