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The Purpose of Route Optimisation Software

The Purpose of Route Optimisation Software

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The Purpose of Route Optimisation Software

Modern businesses likely use multiple software applications to streamline organisational operations and deliver seamless results. Any company that offers delivery services to clients will most likely utilise some form of route optimisation software. This software creates the best delivery routes, plotting a sequence of delivery stops for drivers so that they can get more deliveries done in a day and keep clients happy.

In days gone by, such software didn’t exist, and delivery drivers or logistical companies would have to rely on trusty internalised geographical knowledge or the good old-fashioned map. With technological advances, applications like Google Maps became available to the modern consumer, allowing drivers to plot quick routes and glean an idea of traffic and delays on the chosen route. Nonetheless, this didn’t solve issues around route planning for multiple deliveries on a single day, customer communication, and enhanced cost savings. Happily, route optimisation software entered the scene, and now platforms like Loop can handle it all.

4 Reasons Why Businesses Utilise Route Optimisation Software

Why do companies use this type of software?

  1. Plans the Most Effective Route: The best perk of Loop is its route-planning abilities. It uses real-world data to plot the most effective delivery route, saving drivers a huge amount of time. When data about multiple deliveries is plugged into the system, Loop plans the most logistical way to navigate them all. This allows drivers to conduct more deliveries each day, enhancing efficiency and output.
  • Saves Money and Time: When drivers can get more done each day and are using the quickest routes to get to destinations, they naturally save companies money and time. Drivers can get more deliveries done every hour, meaning that each paid hour of labour yields more productive results. Over time, this leads to greater savings, more deliveries, and lower fuel costs.
  • Keeps the Customer Happy: The old adage tells us that the “client is King”, and this harks true even today. When customers are happy, they will keep using the service that inspires them. With Loop, clients can view the estimated time of delivery in real-time, thus gaining deeper insight into when their order will arrive.
  • Gives Upper Management an Operational Overview: The management interface of the platform allows management to track all the road deliveries and monitor drivers’ efficiency. This gives management a bird’s-eye view of all operations and a much clearer picture of the state of the business and delivery affairs.

Why Choose Loop’s Optimisation Software?

Loop software is your one-stop solution to keep clients, drivers, and management happy. Not only does it plan the most effective delivery routes, optimising efficiency and reducing costs, but it also offers a client interface whereby the customer can see where their delivery is in real time. This ensures 5-star service and ultimately leads to greater customer retention. If you want to learn more about this innovative platform, why not book a demo? We will unpack our route optimisation software and show you real-world analytics to prove why Loop is the best platform for all your delivery needs. Get in touch with us for more information about Loop and how it can help you achieve those logistical goals.