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Streamline Delivery Processes with Logistics Management Software

Streamline Delivery Processes with Logistics Management Software

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Logistics Management Software to Streamline Your Delivery Processes

logistics management software

Logistics management software is one of the best tools courier businesses can use to track orders and manage their fleet. Route-optimisation software uses data-driven insights and algorithms to plot the best delivery routes and streamline every step of the delivery process. Gone are the days of tedious manual route planning when you utilise Loop’s innovative route-optimisation software.

Logistics management software facilitates deliveries and allows logistics and courier companies to stay on top of their delivery game. 

3 Advantages of Logistics Management Software 

Let us delve into some of the key ways in which logistics management software streamlines delivery processes and saves companies money and time. 

  1. Major Cost Savings: One of the main reasons why delivery companies invest in this software is the cost-saving benefits. Thanks to science-backed algorithms plotting the best routes, route-optimisation software plans the most cost-effective journeys in terms of distance travelled and time. Simply input all the delivery points, and the software does the rest. This reduces fuel costs and general vehicle wear and tear, and also maximises driver time, so they can handle more deliveries each day. On average, Loop saves companies 20% in kilometres driven and improves delivery volume by a whopping 30%. This enables companies to ramp up operations and do so much more with less cost input.  
  1. Higher Customer Satisfaction: Logistics management software keeps everyone in the know by giving real-time insights and ETAs. Loop’s client interface is especially noteworthy, as customers can track their orders and see precisely when they will arrive. This feature allows clients to continue with their day, safe in the knowledge that they will not miss their order. This feature boosts their confidence in the delivery operator and heightens client satisfaction, resulting in repeat business. Since drivers know exactly where to go, it also reduces mix-ups or excess time spent looking for the delivery location. To date, Loop has reduced the time spent with customers by 50%. 
  1. Data-Driven Performance Analytics: Perhaps one of the software’s best advantages is that it can give companies real-time data and insights about what is working and what needs to be improved. In a few clicks, fleet managers can review individual driver stats and performance levels, pinpoint cost and time savings, calculate daily orders, scan optimised routes, and check that they are hitting all their KPIs. This is a great tool for examining historical data and making smarter future decisions. 

Chat with the Team and Streamline Deliveries with Loop 

Loop offers courier companies significant time savings and cost benefits. This logistics software solution allows companies to streamline their operations and tackle more daily orders. For more information on how our innovative technology can bolster your business and improve the delivery landscape, book a demo with our team. We will show you what Loop has achieved to date and how the platform can help your enterprise navigate – and succeed – in the complex delivery landscape. We look forward to showing you how Loop can strengthen delivery success.