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Streamline Deliveries With Loop On Demand Delivery Platform

Streamline Deliveries With Loop On Demand Delivery Platform

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Loop On Demand Delivery Platform – Streamline Deliveries Every Time!

Loop on demand delivery software manages, optimises, and scales your deliveries, providing effective route optimisation and real-time tracking for both logistics companies and the end-user. In the fast and ever-evolving delivery landscape, things are changing rapidly and that’s why our software is ever-evolving to meet growing delivery needs. Loop on demand delivery software is moving the delivery landscape forward by using science-backed data insights to formulate the most cost-effective routes.

If you are ready to take charge of your deliveries and enjoy newfound confidence in the last mile, Loop on demand software is designed to simplify deliveries and help you succeed.

Loop on demand delivery software manages, optimises, and scales your deliveries, providing effective route optimisation and real-time tracking.

Loop On Demand Software – What to Expect 

The Loop on demand platform helps you to do one pretty important thing: overdeliver every time. Intelligence-backed systems inform our insights, helping us to create innovative solutions that optimise deliveries. When you choose Loop, you’ll access the following features:

  • Management Console: The delivery management console keeps operational managers in the driver’s seat, ensuring that they have a clear bird’s-eye view of each and every delivery journey. This enables managers to quickly and conveniently keep track of every active driver and route, monitor successful and failed deliveries, and gain valuable insights regarding driver performance, order metrics, driver adherence, and exception reporting. On average, the management console increases delivery volume by 30%, saves 5 hours of planning each week, and decreases call centre queries by 10%. 
  • Driver App: Another critical component of Loop on demand software is the driver app. With route-planning capabilities, specialised turn-by-turn navigation, and a driver payment wallet, drivers are empowered to make the best delivery decisions. Furthermore, drivers can view earnings before accepting trips and access quick and easy trip and order reporting systems to ensure streamlined deliveries. Over time, the driver app can save around 20% of kilometres driven (resulting in huge fuel and time savings) and save drivers 1.5 hours per day. 
  • Customer Tracking Page: This feature keeps all customers in the Loop throughout the delivery process, enabling them to keep a real-time eye on order status. By accessing real-time updates and clear order tracking, customers can carry on with their day, safe in the knowledge that they can access order visibility and be available when their order arrives. This feature enables companies to serve 2x more clients each month, results in 50% less time spent with customers during delivery, and ensures 5-star delivery each time.

Each component of the Loop on demand delivery platform works together to create a seamless delivery experience for each stakeholder. The result? Successful deliveries, happy customers, and continued business!

Join Loop and Revolutionise Your Deliveries 

When you choose Loop on demand software, you’ll be in great company with the likes of Checkers Sixty60, Kauai, The Courier Guy, Next Delivery, and so many more players who are supercharging their delivery game. For more information on Loop’s on demand delivery platform, reach out to our team and book a free demo. We’re excited to work with you and help you achieve more each day.