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The Benefits of Using a Delivery Application Like Loop

The Benefits of Using a Delivery Application Like Loop

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Streamlining Your Delivery Process: The Benefits of Using a Delivery Application

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A Delivery application like Loop have become popular, allowing organisations to deliver orders efficiently. Many companies choose delivery applications to streamline deliveries in the on-demand delivery landscape (where consumers want their goods fast). Delivery applications allow logistics and courier companies to handle vast volumes of orders with precision and care, delivering first-class results every time.

Delivery applications have several benefits. Before we explore how they can enhance deliveries, let’s explain what they are. Applications like Loop offer businesses a one-stop application for drivers, clients, and managers. Managers can monitor the entire fleet, drivers can access turn-by-turn navigation and the most effective route plans, and customers can see precisely when their delivery will arrive by following the driver in real-time. They have revolutionised the courier industry by keeping all stakeholders clearly in the know with each step of the delivery chain.

The Benefits of Delivery Applications

When you work with us, logistics and deliveries will be an easy feat. With Loop, you’ll enjoy the following perks:

  1. A Streamlined and Efficient Delivery Process: Delivery apps allow drivers to manage multiple deliveries daily by planning the most effective schedule based on the delivery data. This ensures better order accuracy and less need for manual route planning. Since Loop handles all the scheduling, the chances of human error or illogical route plans are reduced. This technology results in a more efficient and effective delivery experience for all.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Customers can track journeys in real-time and plan their day accordingly with precise knowledge of the delivery time. They no longer have to avail themselves for the duration of extensive delivery windows. This means that customers experience streamlined, 5-star service with every order. As a bonus, the Loop platform significantly reduces the time delivery drivers spend with customers, meaning they can get more done each hour.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Since Loop plots the most logistically sound route, vehicles save a lot in terms of fuel costs and general wear and tear. Moreover, Loop strategises the most time-savvy route, meaning that drivers can get more done in the allotted time. On average, our app saves 20% in kilometres driven and 5 hours per week per planner. This results in big money savings.
  • Analytical Insights: Technological innovations in the delivery landscape mean that companies can access digital data of all deliveries and routes. This technology enables companies to gain a deeper understanding of what is working well and what needs refinement. Long gone are the days when companies had to contend with stacks of paperwork or archaic systems. Loop’s real-time data keeps managers in the know 24/7, allowing them to quickly improve when needed.

You’re in with Good Company when You Choose Loop

When you choose Loop’s comprehensive delivery application, you’ll undoubtedly be in good company. Our clients include Checkers Sixty 60, Yebo Fresh, Nando’s, The Courier Guy, and OneCart. Book a free demo with our logistic-savvy team and see how it can help you thrive.